Kayaking Georgian Bay Ontario

Here’s report on a Kayaking trip I did on Georgian Bay here in Ontario. We had a mixed group of paddlers ranging in age from 16 to over 70. We met in Britt on a Sat. morning and headed to our launch destination. We were to launch and park at a camp ground at a cost of $10/day/vehicle. The parking is secure and convenient.


A weather check showed high winds predicted for that afternoon.


A decision was reached that we would paddle out to a camp spot and base camp for the weekend and day trip from there.


By early afternoon we had set up camp to prepare for the winds.


We spent the afternoon getting acquainted and learning different camp techniques from each member.

That afternoon as some took out a good book to read a few of us put on our PFDs and swam or island hoped to the outer shoals. The waves were getting pretty big as the winds picked up.



There were some large flat rocks we could do some body surfing off which was a blast. After a bit of a temp drop we headed back to the campsite to start dinner and secure everything for the evening. We spent most of the early hours moving tents to more sheltered spots of reinforcing with extra guide cords; some of the tents would continually collapse in the wind. I seemed to have picked a sheltered spot and put the point of the tent toward the wind and it didn’t move all night.

After a quick and spectacular sunset it was off to bed before 0930 hrs.



The next morning we loaded up the Kayaks and headed for The Champlain Islands.



We explored the island and the fascinating history of old rusted out boilers and foundations of building past.

We headed back to our base camp arriving around dinnertime. There are several natural hazards but not really a threat if you’re careful. This is a Hog Snake and there seemed to be lots around.



Although the area is famous for the Massasauga Rattle snake we never saw or heard any on our adventures.

The area also supports a lot of Poison Ivy.


After a nice campfire and star gazing we all hit the sack early.

The next day we started to break camp. It would be an easy paddle back to Britt so we decided to do some exploring. There was a lighthouse on the South Shore near the entrance to Britt. Today the water was a little rougher but an easy paddle.





We did a little bit of a tour around the Lighthouse, which also has a house off one side for the Coast Guard. It was a nice sunny spot for lunch and takes some rest before the final leg of our adventure. We shoved off and headed for Britt.




WE arrived back at the campground and after some sorting got the vehicles load to head out. We stopped in Britt and had a fantastic fish dinner at the local restaurant. Sorry I can’t remember the name but you can’t miss it. We had a great three days on the water and only saw a few motorized boats. Georgian Bay is loaded with Islands and shoals and a great place for a Kayaking adventure.


Was this close to the Mink & McCoy’s or were you further north? I did a Mink & McCoy trip a few years ago.

Last week a party of five did the Bruce Peninsula, Lion’s Head to Tobermory.


It was just out of Britt and a bit north along the shoreline. Britt would be about and hour from Parry Sound.

Week before last a group from our club attempted to cross from Tobermory to Manitoulin but had to abort due to the high winds and huge waves.


That sounds like the week we were going from Lion’s Head to Tobermory. Where did they bail to or did they just head back to Tobermory?

They jsut headed back to Tobermory and played around there for the weekend.


Tobermory Area
Here’s link to trip report about paddling across the Main Channel from Tobermory:


Did a 5 day trip from Dillon to hertzburg island up to point au baril down through the mccoys and minks.Shot over to the limestone’s and down to redrock lighthouse.Finished up on franklin island for a early dept to dillon th next day.

the bay was amazing and I will have to check out the other spot’s you posted.