Kayaking helmet for people who wear glasses


Can anybody suggest one or two kayaking helmet(s) for somebody wearing glasses? And I don’t need a full-face one.



I have a Pro Tec “Ace Water” model and it fits fine with my glasses on.

I never knew there were helmets with which one cannot wear glasses. I used to wear a full-face helmet for motorcycle riding and glasses were irrelevant even in that case, except for the fact that the glasses had to be off during the actual process of putting the helmet on or taking it off. Otherwise, wearing glasses made no difference. Glasses make no difference with my paddling helmet or any of my bike helmets either. I don’t think you need to worry about that aspect.

I’ve never even looked at the brand of my paddling helmet before, but I think it has a nice fit adjustment and effective strapping arrangement, so I looked now. It’s made by some company called WRSI.

I have a Sweet Protection Strutter (brim is nice on hot full-sun days), Pro Tec Ace, Pro Tec (original) and all of them accommodate my sunglasses just fine. I have rented some no-name helmets and they worked fine too, in this regard. Like Guideboatguy, I think most helmets will work with glasses. Top priority is to find something that gives you the coverage/fit you need. Not all helmets fit all heads very well, especially some of the high-end kevlar helmets.

Thanks all for the comments and tips. I will check them out.



I would think most helmets would fit glasses. Just go to your local outfitter that carries them and try on. Getting one that fits your head is usually the larger challenge, which makes trying on very important IMHO.

Both I and my girlfriend happen to sue ProTec, and wear glasses with them.

Thanks Peter-CA. I will go to local REI or Dick’s.



i doubt that Dick’s sells them. As far as I’ve seen, they sell no whitewater kayaking gear at all. Remember that you will get a 10% rebate from REI if you buy there. I’ve had good experiences buying online from Outdoorplay too (free shipping as well.) They stock the Pro Tec line as well as NRS and Predator models. Have a nearly half off sale on a nice duck-billed WRSI carbon composite model too: http://www.outdoorplay.com/WRSI-Trident-Composite-Kayak-Helmet

Thanks willlowleaf for the tips.