Kayaking Heritage and History???


I was wondering if anyone out there could provide links to some sites that provide some good information on kayaking history and heritage…both old and new. When I say that I mean information on the origins Inuit and Greeland kayaks and the origins and history of modern day boats and expeditions, etc.

A couple of months ago I was looking at the qualifications for some of the BCU certs and noticed that some of the requirements for 4 and 5 star paddlers was to have a knowledge of these things. Got me thinking that it would be something interesting to learn about and a good thing to know as a kayaking nut.



Frobisher’s expedition, 1584
This sketch comes from Martin Frobisher’s 1584 expedition to Greenland. The guy on the rock appears to be holding the proto-type for the Perception Sparky.


Ted Moores’ Kayaks You Can Build has a nice first chapter on the history of kayaks, with lots of pictures.

A great resource can be found at:



April 1984 National Geo
Hi Matt,

If you email me your address I will send you a National Geographic I have from April 1984. It has an article you might like with photos of Greenland kayak hunters.