Kayaking in British Columbia

A “bonjour” from Switzerland !

With a friend of mine we wished to enjoy kayaking in British Columbia but could not find any guide / organization offering more than a week long trip !

Coming from Europe this is a bit too short and even for you guys, these “a few days long” journeys sound like “let’s amuse the tourists for a while but not too long, otherwise they might freak out !”.

We would like to find a trip lasting between two to three weeks. If a kind fellow would see something according to our dream, he is warmly invited to enjoy a genuine Swiss cheese fondue ! Absolutely !

With the best regards from the old continent.

JJ Frey

BC Coast
Try posting at Westcoastpaddler. It’s a Victoria/Vancouver based site with lots of local knowledge and helpful paddlers. http://www.westcoastpaddler.com/community/

Get copies of John Kimantas’ “Wild Coast” series books. http://thewildcoast.ca/

I’ve taken a few 2-3 week trips in BC and posted the reports here: http://3meterswell.blogspot.com/


more info

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Check out Wavelength Magazine, a free kayaking magazine that is based out of Vancouver Island. You can read the magazine online for free.

Wavelength is published by John Kimantis and Wild Coast Publishing, the same folks that do the guide book mentioned by the previous poster.

Also, on the web site, there is a Forum under Community. You can post this question there and possibly get better answer.

my two bits
If you want a guided trip you’ll likely have to split the cost of a personal guide up among your group. No outfitter would have a planned multi-week trip, not enough demand. To find the best outfitter/guide, post on westcoastpaddler.com. Lots of BC based folks there.

Read chodups’ trip reports, they’re full of information.

Definitely do get the Wild Coast series, they are absolutely invaluable. Finding campsites is not so easy, know where you are headed at the beginning of each day and don’t assume if you get there early and paddle on that you’ll find another campsite before dark. Bring the smallest tent you can manage.

Fantastic area, have fun and write a trip report at the end.


When will we read about Greenland?


I thought I sent you photos
here are both mine and Dan’s. I haven’t written a trip report, too busy between work and planning next year’s trip to the same place.