Kayaking in China

Does anyone have experience sea kayaking in China, fresh water or salt, especially near Hangzhou? We’ll be there in May and would like to find an outfitter or renter that can get us on the water.


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The only reports I have ever seen
are from people who own folding kayaks. Here’s a link to one site that might be able to help you get more info.


Outfitters are rare
Too much governmental bullshit. The waters are very polluted as is the air. I have paddled in Beijing with my own kayak. There is a a concession in the Olympic Forest Park that rents kayaks. You get to paddle around a pond. You may be able to find outfitters here http://canoe.sport.org.cn/

or you can contact the Beijing concessionaire. His name is Jeff speaks English and may be able to get you hooked up. I am pretty sure there is a kayak club near Ningbo boston1234@qq.com

One more option https://www.facebook.com/BeijingCanoePoloClub