Kayaking in Costa Rica

So, I’m headed down there and would like to do some paddling. Have any of you folks gone kayaking in Costa Rica, and have a good outfitter/tour guide to pass along? I’m flexible as to location. Seems that people prefer the pacific coast, however.


what kind?
whitewater or flatwater?

What kind and what experience

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are you looking for? It's the dry season so some rivers won't have much water, but there are still some nice runs. Look at Rio Tropicales's website

They can help steer you the right direction. Email them for specifics

A note: I have some friends down there now guiding a trip for the Nantahala Outdoor Center. The earthquake recently has pretty much taken out the Sarapiqui river. Lots of flooding and debris. There are other rivers heading further west toward Arenal that should be fine

i’m a sea kayaker
thanks for the responses. i’m not a white water guy, so i was thinking more coastal stuff…seems like there’re many guides there, but i’m looking for the ones for serioius kayakers…hmm…

Crystal Seas, I think they advertise
on this site.