kayaking in different states

Does the state of New Hampshire require any special registration or licensing for out-of-state kayakers?

I live in Maine but close to the NH border.

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Their motto, take it seriously.

However, they will charge you plenty of tax on your beer and sandwich after the paddle. No income tax so they make it up in sales taxes.

its best to know what you are

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talking about.

There is no income tax. There is NO sales tax. There is a nine percent meals and room tax. And a tax on car rentals.

My source besides experience( and gawd knows I have bought tons of outdoor stuff in NH)

like she said…
…sales tax on food, lodging and car rental. Since $2.5 billion or more comes into the state annually due to tourism, that’s a pretty good chunk of their budget that is generated by those taxes on outlander spending. That is more than agriculture, forestry product and even vacation home sales and construction contribute to the state economy

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If that’s the exclusive “or” . . .
. . . then, logically, you will not die if you live free.

BTW, Celia, who is neither short nor weak, is correct that there is sales tax on beer and sandwiches.

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that is meals tax
not a sales tax

Celia its not new and the hikes in Maine on beer and food at restaurants are substantial. Nine percent as of Jan 1

I shop at Hannaford in North Conway NH… My food is not taxed. There is no sales tax. If I go across the street to Mickey D’s it is taxed with a meal tax.

Hey, I was just pointing out the misquote, I don’t parse mottoes. And who said anything about short or weak???


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Reread, l said there was no income tax. Where's that correction coming from???

As to sales tax, l was imprecise. I meant the taxes on stuff tourists do like eat out and similar. My sister has lived in NH for over 20 years and yes l do visit. I should have been more precise about that tax type. But above is correct, the state makes a large part of their revenues from it.

As to Maine, l am well aware they tax the crap out of lodging and things like eating out. I pay it every summer at my rental. But then again l come from NY state, where we have taxes on income, sales and eating out. Not on unprepared food... yet.

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So it’s a tax on restaurant purchases based on a percentage of the sales price of the food and drink items purchased.

Okay, it’s a consumption tax.

Not quite.
There is no extra tax on eating out in New York. It’s the same sales tax as on other sales - four percent to the state plus whatever the county and city (if applicable) add on. It’s a total of eight percent in my county. That applies whether I’m buying a car or a hamburger.

You’re correct that there’s no tax on most groceries.