Kayaking in Ireland

We are going to Ireland from April 20 to May 1. Hoping to do some paddling if weather is cooperative. Any recommendations on outfitters or tours?

We will be in Dublin, Belfast, Cork and Killarney. I saw a few city tours in Dublin and a some ocean-kayaking out of Cork. Just wanted to see if there were any p-netters who have had experience.


In Cork, you have Atlantic Sea Kayaking - http://www.atlanticseakayaking.com/. I met Jim Kennedy, the owner/operator, when he was an instructor at the first Golden Gate Sea Kayak Symposium. Was in Ireland a few years later and connected with him for a couple of paddles.

His normal paddling area is outside of the city of Cork and you pass by a keep (small castle) that has pock marks from cannon balls during skirmish between the Brits and Irish. Lots of history to the area. And beautiful country. I do think he also has city tours in downtown Cork.

As with most outfitters, it is primarily aimed at more novice paddlers, with wide-ish kayaks (usually doubles). If you want more advanced, you may be better off seeing if you can connect with local paddlers.

Jim also had great suggestions on B&Bs to stay at in the area.

While you are in that part of the country, you may want to check out a non-paddling, but only in SW Ireland activity - road bowling. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irish_road_bowling Our B&B proprietor was able to look up where it was going on (I think it is a weekend activity) and how to get there.

if you have time to go to Kerry, try to go out to Skellig Michael - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skellig_Michael. It is a day trip on a local fishing boat where you land on the island and can explore. Lots of puffins, among other wildlife.

Thanks Peter, I have read a lot of great reviews on Atlantic Sea Kayaking. We are finalizing our itinerary and hopefully go out with him one day.

I saw road bowling on Anthony Bourdain, looks like a blast. I would end up getting kneecapped by a bowling ball haha

Thanks again for the great info.

OK we booked two kayaking tours, one kayaking with seals off of Dalkey (North of Dublin) another in Killarney National Park to tour Ross Castleā€¦ Will post pictures!!!