Kayaking in Italy

My husband and I will be in Abruzzo, Italy this summer. I have a house there and go there every summer. We are looking for

1)Places to rent gear to kayak the Adriatic coast in the region and/or

2) Folding kayaks we can buy and take there to leave at the house.

I am particularly interested in kayaking the Tremiti Islands and Gargano Penninsula. If anyone has any information about either of these destinations, message me.


Not much, but found this

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From a travel clip re the Tremiti Islands:
"An archipelago of five little islands lies off the coast near Gargano. The main island, San Domino, has a wonderful coast with fjords and caves to explore by kayak or in boats hired from local fishermen.

Read more: http://www.gorp.com/parks-guide/travel-ta-sea-kayaking-parco-nazionale-del-gargano-vieste-del-gargano-italy-sidwcmdev_059815.html#ixzz2yPJZzXZP"

It does not appear that there is a steep network of outfitters with a range of gear. If you end up getting your own folders, you should probably also send over some paddles that can be broken into a couple of pieces. No info on whether PFD's are considered to be essential by the fishermen... traditionally not a fisherman's concern.

It does appear that there are whitewater rafting opportunities around Abruzzo itself as well as canoe (easily can be kayaks in Europe) rentals on the quiet portions of the river. Be cautious about anything with moving water - the white stuff in Italy could be significant as well as less clearly categorized than in the US and Canada.

You may want to consider the PakBoats Quest series as they are affordable.


In 2012 my wife and I did a trip from Amalfi to Positano with http://www.amalfikayak.com/ and were very happy. We also met a group of Italian paddlers from Salerno who were paddling to Positano and back.

For where you are a google search came up with http://www.adriaticseakayak.it/ who may be worth investigating.