Kayaking in Japan

I’ll be in Japan (in Kobe/Osaka) for much of August and would love to get out on the water.

Does anyone have any suggested/recommended outfitters or rental spots, or better yet a friend with a boat to lend?

Haven’t used any myself there yet, but have found a list of places that could help:


what is a prefecture?

what japanese call states

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Japan is split up into 40 something prefectures (and a couple of other territories with other names, much like the US has 50 states, the district of Columbia, etc.).

Edit - actually, considering that Japan is the size of California, may be more appropriate to say that a prefecture is like a county in the States - roughly similar size.

Good list
Thanks Pete,

Nice list of resources. Unfortunately none of them are really within easy day-trip range of Kobe, and I doubt that I’ll have two consecutive days off while I’m there.

Supposed to be a kayak shop called “Bayern Canoe Shop” down near the Osaka airport. A guy I know got info on them through the Japanese version of Google.

Here’s GPS coordinates of the shop:

34°26’19.68"N, 135°20’16.32"E

Don’t have more info - sorry.

this is the sea video
It looks brutally windy and cold. You should consider a neoprene hood and helmet to keep warm and to protect you from rough surf launches or landing. Dry suit or neoprene suit. Sorry about no clubs I know of. Have you tried kayak clubs in the area?

same video diff impression
windy and warm. half the time the dude isn’t wearing a shirt…

depends on the season.
Depends on the season. This time of the year, the weather is stifling hot and muggy. Much like the US East Coast in the summer. You will want to be getting wet.

Tsunamichuck is person to ask.
Unfortunately he is banned.

Osaka is a major industrial city. The USAF in 1945 did a pretty good job of firebombing any quaintness out of it. Access to the water there is a little strange. I was at a beach that had barriers to keep any wave action from reaching shore, the rest of the areas were basically shipping lanes. Look for kayak clubs online but unless you read kanji you won’t get very far. I have only seen Kobe from the air but it is similar. Kayaking on the coast near Osaka did not look fun, you may find really cool places in less industrialized areas. I spent some time in a small coastal village in southern japan that was really cool, but no kayaks to be found.

Rough Surf in Osaka !!!
Good luck with that. This time of year Osaka is about 105 degrees and 100% humidity.

mint don’t mind

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windy and cold! Even when it's muggy and hot!


Now, about blowing off a day or two of work to get to those spots ;-).