kayaking in lowell mass.

I’m going to be in Lowell Mass. in early may for my sons graduation. I Would like to know if anyone out their would be interested in getting together for some river kayaking. My kayak is a flat water kayak, But capable of class 2 rapids. Prefer Long distance trip say 3 to 5 day trip on one of your rivers would be grate.

Experienced long distance Kayaker Done over 200 miles on lower Colorado did 130 miles on Salmon river in Idaho when I get home doing 150 miles on the upper Missouri river.

Looking forward to herring from you.

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Snowmelt river
you will appreciate immersion clothing at that time of the year.

Urban river at least in MA…

This link might help. I don’t know of overnight trips or camping allowed so the Watershed Council might be the ones to ask