Kayaking in Michigan

I would like any information on campimg from a Kayak (gear, how to pack a kayak, etc…). I would also like to know,in Michigan where there are good places to Kayak and camp along rivers or lakes 2-5 night trips. Northern Wisconsin and Isle Royale are also places that I would like to explore.

Michigan paddles

Well, I’ve only camped out of my kayak a couple of times but what I know is lots of small bags and make sure the important things like sleeping bag & dry clothes are in dry bags as well. The Manistee & Ausable may be the best for trips or more than 2 days and are some of my favorite paddling streams. Look for books by Jerry Dennis’s or ‘Doc’ Fletcher for good river guides.

The (Mighty) Manistee River
excellent camping opportunities, great river top to bottom and color tour season is fast approaching!


Au Sable
lots of great campsites, some are state and some are national forest, many are paddle-in only, so you have to do some research to reserve the ones you want in advance.

start during a weekday when there’s less people… one option we chose was to put in on the South Branch Au Sable near Roscommon, it runs through a wonderful wilderness area called the Mason Tract.

the entire trip from Roscommon or Grayling to Oscoda is about 110-115 miles and can be done in 5-8 days (or in 15 hours if you’re in the canoe race!), but there’s various points where you could put in / take out for a shorter trip. contact me via the email link if you want more details.

here’s a couple guides
that will help you with the packing aspect: