kayaking in NC around ashville in march

I am taking a trip to hot springs the first week of march. is there much white water kayaking going on at that time? any one have info for me? My wife and I are staying at a cabin south of town and i would like to try some white water kayaking. Also are there any kayak rentals you would suggest? Thank you David

For sure, check out NOC -
The Nantahala Outdoor Center almost an hour west of Asheville: http://www.noc.com/ .

The water is mighty cold in March
and It could be a warm spring day, or a snow storm.

I had two feet of snow at my place one year on opening day of fishing season in April

Make sure to bring a wet suit or dry suit.



I would also recommend working with
Nantahala Outdoor Center. March weather can be harsh, and the rivers can be high. You really need to be with some folks who know the conditions and who can match your ability to available rivers. NOC should also be able to provide cold weather gear.

Thank you
for the info, I have a wet suit but will need to rent a kayak if posible down there as I can,t hall one down. David

Make sure you hit Diamond Brand!!
Make sure you hit Diamond Brand/Frugal Backpacker on your way up. Very good prices on gear. They are located in Arden, NC. Take the Asheville Airport exit off of 26. They are several miles East of 26 on the left. After you leave you can hit 25 straight into Asheville.