Kayaking in/near Phoenix

Hey Fellow Paddlers,

My wife and I are moving to Phoenix, AZ (specifically Tempe) this month and I’m trying to find a place to easily and cheaply store my 14.5’ Tandem Liquid Logic Kayak and gear (I don’t think our apartment will have room). Naturally, I’d like it to be as convenient and cheap as possible so we can make the most of the paddling season. Also, if anyone has any recommendations for great paddle trips in the near vicinity (within a day’s drive) I would love to hear about that, too. Thanks!

Grace and peace,

Matt G.

Saguaro Lake?
It’s been very many years since I lived in Phoenix so I really don’t have any current knowledge, but back then I used to water ski at Saguaro Lake, which is only about 20 miles from Mesa. I see that they do now offer kayaking…


And it is in the middle of the desert so get the biggest sun hat you can find and stock up on SPF 99 sun block!

Make sure it’s cool storage.
Garages and similar structures get hot enough in the summer that plastic kayaks will deform.

Great places to paddle on the Salt and Gila river ( in season) Colorado River when it’s cool, Sea of Cortez when it’s cool. San Diego is about 6 hours away. There are some small lakes in AZ. Not that great.

there are
guidebooks for all local states…including the state of drought.

The San Francisco is AAA…there’s a gauge at Glenwood

water down from Blythe to Imperial Dam on the Colorado

Parker Lake below Tucson MTB/hiking.

Sea of Cortez/Baja

there’s the Lower Colorado trip where a speedboat ferry’s up stream

and http://goo.gl/irnW04

N. AZ has hiking thru spring fed canyons.

not always
Much of N AZ is on Navajo Land. Hiking is restricted to going with a guide.

Not arguing. I am in Holbrook and hiked a bit around Page on tribal lands. The slot canyons are marvelous but sacred to them…

Good kayak destinations
Prescott: Watson and Willow Lake

White Mtns: Blue Ridge reservoir and Knoll Lake

The Reservoirs on the Colorado river above Yuma

Canyon Lake and the Lower Salt river near Phoenix

San Diego: La Jolla Bay area

San Carlos Mexico : A long drive, but possibly the best kayak destination in the Southwest. Beautiful calm bays and gorgeous desert shoreline. Dolphin and Whale sightings are common.

Lake Powell