Kayaking in Northern WI

Hi - new to the board here. I am looking for places in Northern Wisconsin for a 2/3 (or more) night kayaking trip. Does anyone know of any chain of lakes that have shoreline campsites? I am preferably looking for lakes that are not overly developed if possible.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Sylvania Widerness
Check this place out:


Also check out the Northern Highlands American Legion State Forest in WI

Depends on what kind of water
There are the Apostle Islands on Lake Superior with campsites for kayakers. The Willow and the Turtle Flambeau flowages offer some wilderness camp sites but power boats. You could also kayak the Namakagon/St Croix or the Flambeau rivers.

ALNH State Forest…
Think about a trip in the American Legion Northern Highlands State Forest…they have a string of lakes where you can only stay one night…

Kayaking in Northern WI
I would love to know what the weather is like

there in August.

the weather
The weather can be variable this time a year. By Lake Superior you can look for temps that are 10 degrees cooler than inland, and inland you can get highs in the 90s and lows in the 50s. Northern WI can also have a good amount of humidity.

Kayaking in Northern WI
I hope I’m not going too far off topic

we would like to paddle this area.

What are the typical water temps for around here?

I would love a trip that has

warm weather enough to jump in and out

of the water all day so humidity is good.

I guess for me that’s 80 degrees or warmer.

I 2nd the Sylvania Wilderness
It’s canoe/kayak only for the most part (Crooked Lake allows motor boats from the 2 resorts there). The campsites are nice and quiet, mostly back in the woods a little. Beautiful old growth forest surrounds the area, nice sandy beeches on a couple of the lakes, plenty of wildlife, good fishing too.

It does get busy though so you probably won’t have your pick of campsites.

80 degree water?
80 degree water? That ain’t Lake Superior! Probably in the low 60’s this time of year, mainly because it’s been a hot summer…

I’ve been watching the weather because I’m going to the Apostles in a week, and July has had highs from 59 to 94, with a low one night of 42.

Kayaking in Northern WI
Thanks for all the help on this!

No I meant 80 degrees but not water temps.

I guess if its in the 70’s I probably wouldn’t want to jump in and out of the water.

I prefer the warm air temps.

Sylvania Wilderness
A couple of weeks ago three of us went kayaking in the Sylvania wilderness close to Watersmeet Michigan. This is 21000 acres of wilderness. The only transportation is by foot or kayak or canoe. Sylvania outfitters can supply you with everything including everything needed for camping for just $32.00 a day their phone is 906-358-4766. This is a wonderful place to go. Many lakes that you can paddle and connect with other lakes via a short portage.

Headwaters of the Manitowish
This eventually becomes the Flambeau River. It starts at High Lake northeast of Boulder Jct which enters the Fishtrap Lake. Fishtrap dumps into Johnson Creek which flows west to Boulder Lake. From Boulder Lake it becomes the Manitowish River. There are many campsites for overnight stays. You have to arrive by boat, canoe, or kayak. They have picnic tables and pit toilets back in the woods. The water is warm and clear right now so swimming is still an option. There are many places to enter this river/lake system and it is only around 150 miles from High lake to Ladysmith. There are about 8 portages.

I was just gonna ask
about places to camp in N. Wisconsin when I saw the topic. I’m planning on Copper Ridge Campground, but welcome any suggestions. Will be day trippin’ on Superior and just generally goofing off for a few days…

forgot to ask…
Has anyone been to Copper Ridge campground? Opinions?

If it’s warm weather you want…
The American Highland legion state forest is beautiful! I’ve been going up there for the last 10 years or so every year. If it’s one thing I’ve learned is that it is just far enough north that the summers are much shorter than southern wisconsin. Locals claim they have about 6 weeks of summer. While the weather is always variable, you have a much better chance to get that 80 degree weather and nice water temperature both if you stick to the month of July. The second week in August or so often begins in a big temperature drop.