kayaking in Pa

I will be donw by the Meadows racetrack in Washington Pa this coming weekend. I am looking for someplace to kayak while I am down there.

Does anyone know of anything around the area that is not whitewater with easy access?

I have done some investigating but theres nothing like first hand advice.

Thanks for your help.

I know the area well
There are several lakes nearby very close to the Meadows ranging in size from small to mid-sized. Take a look at Cross Creek Lake, Cannonsburg Lake, Peters Township Lake Park, Raccoon Lake.

For a bigger lake, Morraine St. Park - about an 50 minutes to the north.

Some people kayak the three rivers around Pittsburgh. I’m not as familar with river access, as I mostly canoe quiet water.

Advise what type of water - lake or river and I’ll try to give a better suggestion.


Must be nice to have to look for flatwater! You would love Michigan :slight_smile:

Be prepared to shell out some $$$'s
For the PA users fees…

user fees?
Forgive me if I seem a little dense, but what fees? I’m not sure if I am suppose to take that as a serious stmt or if you are kidding.

Thanks for the info, I’m open for anything, we will be there for 2-3 days so I will be doing more than one place. If you can give me the ones with the easiest accesses that would be great.

I have not done white water so thats out. But I don’t mind rough water or currents.

If your yak is registered in N.J. You have one of those recip… what ever you call it.

I dont pay a fee to paddle in your state.

see e-mail with description
of nearby paddling areas.

Kayaking southwestern PA

– Last Updated: May-27-05 12:59 AM EST –

You may want to contact Hazelbaker's in Layton PA near Perryopolis 1-800-42-River or www.hazelbakerscanoes.com.
If you call, ask for the owner, he will be able to tell you of some nice paddling spots in southwestern PA. Hazelbakers rents kayaks and canoes and also transports paddlers' kayaks for trips on the Youghiogheny River. Remember the water is still chilly in PA.

There has been alot of rain and runoff into the rivers and lakes this week in southwestern PA. You may want to call the spots where you wish to kayak before you hit the road. Some places may be closed due to runoff and added bacteria in the water. The PA D.E.R. is the source for information on whether lakes, rivers and streams are considered to be safe for paddling after storms or flooding. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is in control of most of the local rivers and some of the lakes. They are the source for whether waters are "open" after heavy rains or flooding.

Kayaks in Pennsylvania are required to have a license on them obtainable from the PA Fish and Boat Commission,717-705-7940. Licenses are available in Washington, PA at the Gander Mountain Store. Happy Kayaking!

Registration NOT Required
You only need registration or launch permits if you plan to use Fish and Boat Commission Landing Areas or DCNR (State Park) Lakes.

If you use community access points no registration is needed.

Have a nice time
will your in the area.

Let us know what you think of Cross Creek Lake.