Kayaking in Panhandle area of Florida?

Hi - My husband and I will be in the Panhandle area of Florida in February of 2005. We love to kayak and wonder if there are any good kayaking spots in this area. Does anyone have any experience here?

Thanks, sue

kayaker’s dream
I live in the panhandle–near but not in Pensacola–and this place is a kayaker’s dream. You can choose from bays, sounds, beaches, and flat, clear, canopied rivers for your paddling pleasure. The only thing you won’t find much of around here is whitewater.

For further info, see the recent threads on this board on Pensacola kayaking and St. Joseph State Park. Also, there’s a very useful and comprehensive book titled A Paddler’s Guide to the Sunshine State (or words to that effect), which you might want to consult. And there’s always the tried-and-true Google search, which should turn up sites on Florida’s state parks, the Florida Canoe Trail, and other info.

February may present you with some low water, and the weather is unpredictable, but you’ll have the advantage of low humidity and little in the way of insect life. Enjoy!

I like it
I have been to Panama City, St George, Little St George, St Vincent and Crystal River. All have something to offer for different skill levels. July and August is almost too hot for me though. If you have any specific questions please ask.

Thanks and specifics
We will be staying at a Marriott timeshare in Panama City Beach. We will have to rent kayaks. Are there plenty of places to rent that might also transport the kayaks for us? Any specific places that you can recommend? Thanks again! sue

on your own -you’ll see this is a subject that’s been covered here. Possibly HERE here, but also on the “Getting Together” Board. Try cheking the Places2Paddle column over on the right, as well.

There’s actuallt been some interesting stuff posted concerning the panhandle. C-Monster may have a few words as well.

So read up, and do a little research on your own, and maybe even search the archives it really IS rather simple.

That way, you’ll have a better foundation before making inquiries directed at folks here, and be able to get a LOT more specific. And maybe that’ll result in answers that will in turn promote you having an even BETTER time as you

Paddle On!

-Frank in Miami

St Andrews State Park
You can rent sit on top kayaks at the state park. The bay is protected and large with clear water. You can travel the bay under the bridge going west for about 5 miles. You can also round sandy point and work your way along the beach to the swimming area. Just don’t get out into the channel because boat traffic can get bad. I just stay in the shallow water where I know the boats can’t go. You can also take the shell island shuttle over to expore the clear water over there. They have a web site that has the prices. You can check with St Andrews State Park and the Shell Island Shuttle service for exact details. I don’t want to steer you wrong.

Have fun

look on the
florida wildlife conservation commission site , they have a new paddling route and campsite for kayaks and canoers only