Kayaking in Petersburg, Illinois

I’m looking for a spot near Petersburg, IL to kayak w/o too much portaging. Any suggestions?

Try the Sangamon River
It is usually floatable and depending on water levels, can have a few riffle areas and has a spot or two of faster water. Check this out: http://rivers-end.org/sangamon/index.html

Petersburg, Il kayaking
Thanks for yur quick response. I’m from Spfld Il and I’m looking for a good put in and take out. Suggestions? I’ve kayaked Riverside to Erwin Bridge; a couple cool spots were found.

I too am from Springfield
In the past I have paddled from Riverside Park to Petersburg (actually took out at New Salem just before Petersburg. There is an old dam just up river from Riverside Park that can be a problem depending on the water level. Otherwise it is primarily just trees and strainers that you need to watch for. You can take out at several places between Springfueld and Petersburg, Erwin Bridge, Gudgel Bridge, New Salem to name a few. Enjoy!