Kayaking in Puerto Rico

Can anyone give me any tips on paddling near San Juan, PR? We’re headed there for spring break and wanted to play in the surf some.




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I'm working on my circumnavigation for August of PR. For local advise I'd email Luna de Sol http://www.kayakscuba.com/

Talk to Carrie there, she can either help directly or put you in touch with people who can. kayak@kayakscuba.com

carry a gun

Could’nt help following up on that one! We’ve been digging quite deeply into Peurto Rico over the last months and have many local contacts working with us on our trip. The general answer is always the same. PR suffers the same issues as any other part of the US, however poverty & unemployment is certainly an issue. In and around large cities you should exercise the same caution as any other metropolitan area. Beach crime is an issue at almost any tourism destination depending of course on many factors, but it’s certainly not a fair assessment to single out PR as a “crime haven” or whatever.

Of course if we get mugged going around the island I’ll take it all back! LOL!

Oh, for more info on your trip you can visit: