Kayaking In Russia (Baltic Sea)

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Well of all the places I never thought I would work I’m going to end up in Russia for the summer. Kaliningrad, Russia is a Russian State on the Baltic Sea (really just a port city from what I know so far).

Anyone ever do some paddling out there? If so post a message. I’m not taking a kayak with me so I’m hoping I can find a place to rent from.

Have you considered a ‘boat in a bag’?
There are several proven types that might work for you. The situation in Russia varies, so rental craft may be hard to find. If you’re a military employee, see what they can work out.

Where can try out a feathercraft in NS
Does anyone know where I could test out a feather craft K1 on the East Coast of Canada? I live in NS but will be able to travel NB, PEI, and I’ll be in Montreal in June.

Any help with this would be great… as I can’t buy a boat without taking it out for at least 4hrs.or the weekend.

Thanks again!


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I traveled on the Silja Line from Helsinki to Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) in the late 70's, before taking up paddling. The Baltic was very spectacular (lots of Islands) near Helsinki and the shipping channel was very busy! I can remember two guys escaping from Talin Estonia on a raft & landing in Sweden! Have a great trip!

“This is the Sea”?
Am I recalling correctly that this was an area from which a small group of women paddlers launched, or passed by and was included in the “This is the Sea” video? If I have this right, there was also a story on that expedition in Sea Kayaker late this last winter or maybe Jnauary. Their experience with local authorities was not encouraging - at one point the army briefly “arrested” their kayaks - but if you can get their names they may be able to help you out with contacts.

Don’t think so
IIRC, Justine Curgenven’s expedition was in Kamchatka, on the Pacific side.

Looks like my ability to remember world geography hasn’t changed since high school…

Baltic Sea
When I used to sail from Poland on Baltic Sea 20-30 years ago we joked that it was not possible to get lost on the Baltic:

you could recognize a sandy Polish coast or a rocky Swedish coast, and before you saw a Russian (Soviet Union) coast you would get arrested …

Well, things have changed a lot since then, but it is still not possible to freely sail from Poland to Kallingrad.

A couple of stories from the area can be found here:



I paddlede the Finnish coast, to the russianboarder, the paddling is very beatiful. Its easy paddling, but you need good maps to find your way in the archipilago.

thanks so much for the info
Thanks everyone for the great info.