Kayaking in Santa Monica/Malibu

I just moved to Pacific Palisades and am curious about where I can get instruction on launching in the surf. I moved from NY and paddled on the Hudson so I have no experience launching from the beach.


here are 3 that could work



Surf launching
Get good at putting on your skirt fast. Surf launching is a trick.

At the edge of the water, where you bow is in the water but you are not yet floating, orient your boat so it is pointing straight out towards the waves. Then jumpt in and attach the skirt, lickity split. With luck, a bigger wave will then come in and float you. But usually, you need to crab walk the boat out, using you hands on the sand, until you are floating. Then paddle very fast so that before the water goes down, you are deep enough to keep afloat.

If you get spun sideways before you get the skirt on, you should probably get out and start over.

It helps a lot to have someone standing in the water holding your bow, keeping your boat oriented straight out, while you get your skirt on.

Thanks. Why does it seem like there are no sea kayakers in this area? Is it bc surfing is the preferred water sport? I can’t find clubs or races