kayaking in the florida keys

i will be going to the florida keys in june and want to do some kayaking. any suggestions of where to go or warnings about what NOT to do?

another post
about a week or so back…if you search you’ll find lots of suggestions…not the least of which is florida bay outfitters in key largo.

thanks, Rick…
i just found this paddling forum and haven’t had a chance to go back to see what’s in the archives. i appreciate the response…

it’s wonderful place.
you can get “out there” or hug along shore for burgers and beers and bikini’s.

Kathleen Patton’s book
"kayaking in the Keys", would be well worth the money. There’s a wealth of information, and the heart of the book is 50 suggested paddles. What you’d be especially interested in is that available kayak rentals are listed in the trip info.

Another excellent book is Bill Keogh’s “The Florida Keys Paddling Guide”. These two books complement each other nicely. I got 'em together from Amazon.com for $25. There are no shipping charges when you spend that much.

The Keys are absolutely awesome, imho. The water is so clear, it can be like paddling in an aquarium.

Download tide tables before you go, or buy a book of tables when you get there. The water can be really “skinny”, as in “get-out-and-drag-your-boat-through-three-inches-of-water-over-knee-deep-mud” shallow.



Nigel Foster