kayaking in wind

was out kayaking tonight and it was windy and i had a blast well this is kinda stupid question but is there a way to find out how strong the wind was ealier and its direction so i can go again when its like that


click on a place to get history for last 24 hours or so.

cool website ty
bookmarked it

Check the weather report
Estimated wind speeds and direction are usually given.

Afternoons, tend to be more windy than early in the day.

I enjoy paddling in the wind too, downwind runs are so much fun!

i kinda liked going into
the wind the other day i went out in a storm i was haveing a blast till i saw lighting

weather underground
They provide two pieces of information. A graph of wind speed over time and a coordinated graph of maximum gusts. Both are important.

Two other sites with marine forecasts
A couple more that I use:

  1. NOAA National Weather Service Marine Forecast


    Just click on map to see marine forecast for your desired area.

  2. Weather Underground - Marine Weather Forecast


    Again, just click on map to zero in on your desired paddling area or body of water.