Kayaking Instruction

I am looking to take a flatwater kayaking class this summer. I have been paddling for two years, but would like to refine my skills, such as bracing, rescues, etc. I’m looking at the midwest, MI.,ILL., I am able to travel a distance. I would like a weekend or two day class. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you…

Inland Sea Society Symposium
Washburn Wisconsin… near Apostle Islands…

JUNE 16-19, 2011


Check out wmcka.org as they have
a get together every Memorial weekend, with training/special speakers,etc. at a camp north of Muskegon and I believe gear to purchase or swap.

I’ve a friend who goes every year and enjoys it. There are cabins on a first come basis plus a tenting area.

Rutabaga in Madison, WI has an extensive training program. www.rutabaga.com

Bill H

In Chicago
Geneva Kayak Center. Scott Fairty is great.

Paddling instruction.
Why not tell us what city you live in?

There’s lots of qualified instructors around, and you may find one that lives nearby.

kayak Instruction
Thank you all for your response. The Inland Sea Symposium is exactly what I am looking for. It sounds perfect, especially since I have been wanting to go to the Apostle Islands. I live near Huntsville, Al. and there is no instruction around here. Anyway, this will be my vacation, can’t wait. Thanks again to all of you, this is a great site.

a bit closer
savannahcanoeandkayak.com in Savannah, GA is a bit closer, and so is SeaKayakGeorgia.com in Tybee Island, GA

Why wait half a year?

Door County WI
The Inland Sea Kayak Symposium mentioned above is good if those dates work for you. I went to it a couple of years ago. Another good one is the Door County Sea Kayak Symposium, which I’ve attended twice. That will be July 7-10 this year. It is run by Rutabaga, which, as someone else mentioned, also has an extensive instructional program in Madison. If you are female, you may also be interested in the Ladies of the Lake Sea Kayak Symposium. I’ve been to four (or is it five?) of those. All women instructors and participants. But there’s a Man Camp for significant others that come along. That’s in mid-August, run by Downwind Sports. Hope this gives you some ideas.