Kayaking Key West

Just heard my husband has a business trip to Key West and I get to go!

I would love to do some kayaking while we're there.

Any suggestions for kayak tours or rentals.

If we do a tour, we would prefer something environment oriented. We are intermediate kayakers.

I was also wondering if there are places that would let you rent a boat for several days.

Also, the hotel the meeting is being held doesn't accept dogs, which means I would have to leave my favorite little kayak pal behind (my dog).

Does anyone know of any places in Key West where a small dog could be safely housed so I could spring him daily for adventuring?

Or...would he just be gator bait? (In which case I would definitely leave him at home.)


key west…
I hope you get a more knowlegable reply, but here’s one opinion.

I get to the keys pretty regularly, mostly to dive the middle and upper keys. We have kayaked a bit around the upper Keys, and I haven’t seen alligator or crocodile yet, but I would venture that the lower keys are a very unlikely place to find them.

I know of a first class place on Key Largo, maybe they could recommend someone in the lower keys. Try Florida Bay Outfitters, 305.451.3018, probably too far to drive on a short trip to Key West, but they may know something.

Happy trails,


drive a bit north of Key West, you can get away from ‘the big city’ in Big Pine and vivinity, and kayak some pretty pristine stuff in the back country. Try





As noted, FBO (Florida Bay Outfitters) in Key Largo is a premier shop -Frank & Monica and the gang are the best, and the shop is terrific -but they’re too far north of Key Largo to use.

Good luck. Hope you find a great outfitter and have a great day in The Last Resort as you


-Frank in Miami

bill out of big pine is really good
earlier post gave his info.there’s plenty of places for rentals and tours ,unfortunately right now all the water down here is a mudhole, it looks like concrete instead of water.the back country still hasn’t cleared up since the last hurricane, and this weeks weather has gone full circle twice at 25= 30 knots. the water has gotten worse and worse, with no letup in sight.

Also Big Pine Key is a neat place to see
the Key Deer which are about the size of a large dog.

Take Key Deer Blvd, and keep your eyes open. It is neat to see a eight point buck that is only three feet tall.

Don’t take your pooch with you though. I might be wrong, but I think they are banned.




I’ll have a lot to look into which will be fun.

My first time to the Keys, so I’m looking forward to it.

Sorry to hear it’s a mudhole. Guess life isn’t perfect. Hopefully there will be enough to paddle on at least.

I’m really looking forward to seeing some of the wildlife, esp. birds. I was once on Sanibel Island and I remember the water birds were phenomenal.

We have decided to leave the little gator snacks at home. They will have to wait for warm weather to get back out in a boat. :slight_smile:

Thanks once again!

Key West and Lower Keys rentals
I like paddling out of Sugar Loaf Key, gulf side from the Sugar Loaf motel and airport. 15 miles north of Key West.

Also there is an outfitter by the name Mosquito Coast ?

Big Pine Key certainly another great paddling area with plenty of rental companies.

Some hotels have them also, hardware stores and tackle shops and outfitters.

I think you will find the nice paddling north of Key West inthe less populated areas such as Sugar loaf, little or big torch keys, Big Coppit and the White Heron National Refuge. You can also get guides that will take by boat further offshore into more remote areas.

Given time and money definately take a boat trip to Fort Jefferson National Monument.

Just Googgle anything Key West and your will find plenty of information on everything



Pet Friendly Hotels Key West
http://welovekeywest.com/petfriendly blah blah blah



misquito coast became a wine bar
I believe,

Mosquito Coast
In one of the guide books I have, they recommend Mosquito Coast. They said it’s run out of a wine bar.


Does this sound possible?

Thanks everyone. There are a lot of great possibilites. I noticed that the Big Pine outfit will even deliver a rental kayak to your location.

They are SOTs. Can’t tell what kind from the pics.

There are some sunset tours as well. Might be a good option for after my husband gets done with his meetings.

SoFlo…thanks for the Key West pet friendly site. I would definitely look into one of those places if we weren’t staying at the meeting hotel.

gators nees fresh water…
and the keys don’t have a lot of that…i read in a cruising guide that big pine had the only record of a gator…take that at whatever value you’s like.

NA crocs are pretty rare to boot.

if fido has a concern in the water, it’s probably with toothy fish…them, i’ve seen lots of down there…but i don’t know how realistic that is either…bring the mutt and ask around once you get there i suppose…if you’re in key west itself, the biggest doggie health concern you may have is his exhausting himself in the heat chasing any of those dang chickens!

Most of the tours out of KW…
…are very tourist oriented & you would only be paddling an hour or two, probably in mangroves. I’ve heard kayaking is great at Dry Tortugas but this would be pretty expensive.

The guy in Big Pine will rent you yaks for any time period & will deliver & pick up but you would need somewhere to safely keep them. About $35. per day I think.

Also, Bahia Honda SP now rents SOT’s for $10. per hour. They have a nice selection (not all OK barges). There is a narrow stream you can explore (look for the bridge & go under it) or you can paddle out to a small island & back. This is arguably the best beach in the keys but as others have said the whole area is still a mess from the storms.