Kayaking @ Lake Mead, NV

Anybody know of any good outfitters I can work with to rent a kayak or go on a guided trip at Lake Mead? I’m heading to Vegas tonight and was hoping to do some paddling on a Black Canyon trip tomorrow, but the permits are all sold out :frowning: . Any other paddling suggestions are more than welcome, but I figure the options are limited in the desert…

Try Bull Head City/Laughlin
if its not to far out of the way for you. I know a guy from Fort lauderdale that was doing some guiding down that way on the Colorado. Don’t have a company name as this is going back a good many years.


If you come up to Reno
I would be happy to hook you up.

Willow beach.

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Willow beach is about 12 miles downriver from the dam. There may be some outfitters there that can set you up. There is no permit necessary if you launch from Willow and paddle upstream into Black Cyn to the hot springs and dam. I was going to do that trip last month, but I strained my back. Hopefully I'll be ready to go for it in March. Good luck.


Post If You Do
I always wanted to do that trip up to the hot springs.

Sports Chalet
Try calling Sports Chalet in Henderson. They might have rentals. They rent kayaks in S.Ca. Temple Bar is a little farther than Willow Beach but there’s some good kayaking on the lake there.

I have a lot by Meadview and go there. That’s my favorite place to paddle in that area.

Black Canyon
There is a place that rents kayaks and canoes at Willow Beach its located in the store. Call the park for their number. Plenty of camping along the shores. From Las Vegas it’s around 80 miles to the marina. There is no campground located here one would have to travel to Temple Bar on Lake Meade to camp.


information on the area



Willow Bch. To Hoover Dam

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The paddle up-river is both a challenge and a fantastic journey. The paddle to Arizona Canyon is about 8 miles with much to see along the way. Once you've set up camp in Ariz. Canyon, a short trek up the canyon brings you to a hot water fall. You have to climb a 20' ladder to get to a couple of thermal pools...a perfect thing for tired muscles. Keep your head, nose and mouth above water...there's a very serious "bug" (naeglaria fowleri)that could turn your brain to mush if you accidently ingest the water(really!) The paddle past Ring Bolt Rapids sometimes presents a real challenge if the water level is low enough. Once past that point, there's the thermal features of Boy Scout and Goldmine Canyons and the real reward...a Sauna Cave...120 degrees if you go the full 100'to the back. Just remember to stay in a crouch, the ceiling of the cave is only 5'in some places. And then there's Hoover dam...up close and personal. All in all...a great way to spend a long weekend.

I think the NorCal Flatwater Rangers
should plan a trip like this…seriously. I have wanted to do this trip and explore other parts of Mead, near Meadview.

I want to go in Feb. or March, but am open to other times. I am dying to get on the water and paddle for hours, or maybe even days…

Feb. & Mar.
I plan on being in the Meadview area this Feb. & Mar. I’ll be easy to find.

I’ll give you a heads up. It’ll be good to have someone along.


Feb or March is a great time to paddle Meade with no heat to contend with. This area is very remote. If you are able to get a group there is camping at Pearce Ferry but no access to the river. You would need to launch at South Cove which there is no camping facilities available or water. Make sure you stop at Meadview. With two cars you could paddle the 17 miles from South Cove to Temple Bar passing thru the Virgin Canyon with plenty of camping along the way. The other direction you might still be able to get up to Grand Wash bay but after that you’ll run into sand bars and alot of current coming down the Colorado River.

A word of caution once in the Temple Basin if its a windy day you’ll have white caps. The way its designed funnels the wind into the basin. If Temple Bar is your destination there you will find the NPS campground. From that area Bonelli and Gypsum bay are nice. The road to this area is wash board and the campground very rocky due to the low water or you could paddle from Temple Bar camping along the way.

While folks are wintered over there is alot of paddling down here.


Pete, what do you think of making this
our destination instead of Topock Gorge this year? It’s a longer drive for me, but it sounds less busy.