Kayaking Louisana?

My wife and I may be vacationing in New Orleans in mid November. Anybody know what’s around there for kayak day-tripping: good areas (bayous? marshes? the Delta? offshore?); good outfitters; guides and/or scheduled daytrips; clubs; etc.

The map of the area below New Orleans looks positively fascinating and replete with paddling opportunities. Is it?

Thanks. --David.

Check out these links




Are you bringing your own boats? If so, I’d be happy to show you the areas that I paddle in the “urban” Nawlins environment. I have only one extra boat right now-otherwise I’d offer to take you both in mine.



a few more…
Blind River mid-way between N.O. and Baton Rouge is a good lowland swamp paddle. Paddle north of Airline (U.S.) 61 to avoid boat traffic.

Tickfaw S.P. near Springfield, La. is a good “paddler friendly” spot with canoe rentals and a nifty little museum. The river here transitions from upland pine forest to lowland cypress/tupelo swamp.

Alligator Bayou near Baton Rouge is a good spot if the water levels are high.

Lots of wildlife at all of these spots. Gators are guaranteed.

E-mail me when you come down-I’ll paddle with you if work allows.

South Coast Kayaks looks good
Southcoastkayaks.com is a strike! Thanks. I wrote them, and Mimi Clifton wrote back offering to outfit me and my wife completely and lead a custom daytrip for us – a combo of bayou and open water. From the look of their boats (Valley and NDK) and credentials (BCU, ACA) they are pretty serious sea kayakers.

Thanks for the other invites. We need two boats for me and my wife, but if someone can outfit just me (or I could rent), I may take you up on another day while my wife is in her conference (which is what takes us to New Orleans). That would be Friday November 19 – anyone for playing hookey that day?



Anybody for Fri Nov 19?

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OK, my wife and I are signed up with South Coast Kayaks on Saturday Nov 20 for an all-day guided trip on Lake P and some nearby bayous. (Thanks for the pointer, railfan, and to everybody for the other information.)

Anybody interested in paddling Friday Nov 19 (and supplying me with boat, paddle and other essentials)? Let me know -- no commitment required, but a good possibility -- and I'll come down a day earlier.

BTW, if anyone wants to join us on Saturday, you're welcome. It will be a level 2-3 trip, tailored for my wife more than me, with a fee to the guide/outfitter, of course.


Achafalya basin has fascinated me …
…from afar. Some trails are mapped at


From the maps I’ve looked at, it appears there are a lot of man-made alterations to some of the bayous, but many of the winding channels are untouched. A person could spend days exploring! Don’t get lost…