kayaking near Ocean Cy Md

I will be in Ocean City Maryland next week and would like to go kayaking 1 or 2 days. I will be with 2 people who are new to kayaking so I want to stay in the bay or somewhere else safe. If anyone have any ideas on tours/paddle spots I would appreciate hearing about them

Coastal Kayak

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Coastal Kayak is located on the bay side north of Ocean City and Fenwick Island. Just head north. As soon as the development end, Coastak Kayak will be on your left. They do wide variety of tours. Nice folks. Tell Jennifer her Kaos customer on 88th Street, sent you.


This is where you want to go…
Assateaque Island.


It’s totally undeveloped and very sheltered and shallow. You will be ATTACKED by mosquitos, though.

Another vote for Assateague…
I second Assateague. Their backcountry sites are pretty good - and isolated from the huge crowds they get on the national seashore.