Kayaking near Phippsburg, Maine

I am going camping for 2 weeks at Hermit Island, near Phippsburg, Maine and I am looking for interesting and safe paddling destinations. Any suggestion? We would do 4-8 hours paddling sessions.


You have lots of choices in Casco Bay
The mouth of the Kennebec can be turbulent off shore. Do not try to go to Sequin Island. Surfing is sometimes fun off Popham Beach . Its fun to surf with seals.

New Meadows River is right at your doorstep…just go north. Also Quahog Bay.

Wolfe Neck SP is near the Goslings and a very nice place to paddle.

There are many islands you can access in Casco Bay. Often people launch from Eastern Prom in Portland.

I recommend if you have two cars that you launch from under the 196 bridge in Brunswick and float the Androscoggin river through Merrymeeting Bay and then down the Chops and take out at North Bath boat launch. It gives you a wide range of scenery and lots of birds.

Finding launch sites is easiest if you get ahold of a Maine Atlas and Gazeteer. Its got the boat launches listed.

Its been very foggy and cool and don’t forget to keep an eye on the weather; the incoming tide brings in the fog. The tides may rule where you go…tidal currents are very noticeable. Try to time when and where you go with a tide table and be aware that in the some of the fingers of the bays there are significant tidal delays.

A marine radio is prudent to have.

In Casco Bay I would avoid getting between Peaks and Portland due to the ferrys frequent runs.