Kayaking North Carolina

I was wondering if anyone had any good suggestions for kayaking books on North Carolina. My husband and I are looking to spend about 10 days in NC (5 inland and 5 in the Outer Banks area) in September. We are pretty much calm water kayakers (me at least, he gets to be crazy when the sone goes with him).

Any help or suggestions you can give on where to go in North Carolina would be appreciated.

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says it. There is a nice paperback, “Kayaking North Carolina” that has a broad reference and fairly good item description. Cant remember the author, but I know we keep the book handy.


“Guide To Sea Kayaking In
North Carolina”

by Pam Malec.

on the web

Platform camping

If you are on the outer banks…
and get to Kitty Hawk there is a great easy going fresh water river on the back side. You put in at Kitty Hawk Woods reservation and can paddle all the way out into the sound.

Then up a few miles north there is great estuarie paddling on the back side of the Town of Duck and Currituck

If you want a good spot in the wilderness and don’t mind wearing a lot of deet, the Alligator Wilderness Wildlife refugee is a good place where you could get a fleeting glimpse of the endangered Red Wolves, and you are almost guaranteed to see a black bear and a alligator or two.

It is not that far inland from Kitty Hawk

Let us know where you are going inland and we can probably give you some good spots.

I have three or four books but unfortunately I am not at home right now, but will be there in a few days and will get their titles and post them for you.

Also post again closer to the time you are leaving, and some of us might be able to hook up with you and guide you.

There are paddlers here from one end of the state to the other.



Paddling Asheville
There is a book called Paddling Asheville that covers most the slow rivers in the mountains. Most the lakes in the mountains are covered with houses but there are still good ones without. From east to west: Lake James, Bear Creek/Wolf Creek lakes, Santeelah Lake and Lake Fontana are all good ones I’ve paddled. Nantahala, Chatuge and Hiawasee are good ones that I have not visited.


NC Kayaking Books
In addition to Pam Malec’s book, there is also “Sea Kayaking the Carolinas” by Jim Bannon and “Paddling Eastern North Carolina” by Paul Ferguson.

If interested in paddling anywhere between Emerald Island to Cedar Island (Crystal Coast) then go to www.ccckc.org to request a set of 4 maps. They are very detailed and will only cost you the price of the postage.



Kayaking NC
Thanks so much everyone for all your help.

Kayaking North Carolina
Thanks for the info, I will definitely post closer to the time we leave to get more help and maybe even meet up with some of you.

thanks again