Kayaking North Carolina

I am going to Charlotte & Hendersonville NC for a vacation. I will not be taking my kayak, but I will rent one.

Does anyone know of any good places to kayak that are near by?

I am going to bring my folding bike, any good routes?


Robert Glassberg

Mountain Island Lake
would be my choice.

Go to Latta Park.

They used to rent canoes and kayaks there, but I don’t know if they still do.

Lake Norman is the largest, but there will be a lot less boat traffic on Mountain Island, and if you head up the river you can get into some nice remote places.



Lake Jocassee about an hour
south of Hendersonville.Jocassee Outdoors rents kayaks.

I just came back from that area, you could also try cascade lake Rec area, they rent canoes, and you can canoe up to hooker falls, its pretty neat. Jocassee is also a blast and a MUCH MUCH bigger lake then cascade lake. You can pretty much paddle cascade lake in an hour or two…

Biken& boating @ USNWWC

National Whitewater Park
in Charlotte. It’s a different experience, but you should have a great time if you’ve never been there. It’s only class III and IV whitewater rapids, so only if that’s what you’re looking for. I’ve only been there once, but I had a blast for the day. Very interesting the way it’s all put together…was for me anyway.