Kayaking on Lake Lanier

I will be visiting Lake Lanier Georgia this spring and was wondering if anyone has been kayaking there? Is there camping or secluded islands in that lake for kayakers? How bad are the boaters? Thanks

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All I remmember was it is an olympic class trainig facility run by the Army Corps of engineers. When I was there the boaters were respectful.

Lake Lanier
Best to check with the Army Corp Of Emgineers (ACE)who run the lake. There are campgrounds on the water run by ACE. May be limited in off season. You can land on secluded islands but not camp on them. The fine is stiff including loss of equipment. Boats are bad on summer weekends. During the week isn’t bad. The farther away from “the dam” you are, the fewer number of boats you will find. Doing the shore line can be fun. Lots of coves and channels.

Lake Lanier
Lake Lanier is great. During the summer there are a lot of boaters to contend with but that won’t be a problem for your visit. I would still stay away from Holiday Isle Marina. We’ve camped for a day or two on the small island on the sandy beaches without any problems. Have a great visit and let us know about it.


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I'm a local and you are risking your life on Lanier in a canoe or kayak.

Because Lanier is pretty wide the speedboat and jetski nuts come at you from all directions. Staying close to shore or in coves not much help. Weekends are much worse than weekdays.

You are better off on the Chattahoochee River either above or below the lake.

Paddle the “Hooch” instead
I’m with the poster above. I lived on Lanier for years. The lake is covered up with speeding boats and the islands are covered up with duck poop. Find a nice section of river instead.

If you have wheels, consider smaller
lakes such as Carters Lake or Tugaloo Lake. Tugaloo is a very attractive, sheltered lake, although you will see some whitewater paddlers coming down from the Chattooga on its upper end.