Kayaking & Photography

Since deciding in on focusing almost entirely now on kayaking for an extended unknown period of time, I have found many added benefits to go along with my new found fondness for paddling. Photography is one of them. Clearly by many of the photos posted here on the new webpage by other fellow kayakers, similar interest appears to be widespread just as well. Personally, I have always routinely enjoyed taking pictures no matter where I go, or during whatever I am doing, but since actively taking up kayaking, it has only expanded to my own personal collection of pictures taken immensely.

Take for example an old, historic cruise liner that has been docked for years now on the Delaware River waterfront here in Philadelphia. Since its arrival back in 1996, I have driven by this ship many times and obtained different various views by motor vehicle, but none never that could have compared to what being in a kayak offered for me within the past year. Make no bones about it, the SS United States is a massive vessel - bigger than the Titanic was, but being up close and personal to her like never before, provided the best view and perspective ever to this very day. Some of the photos captured during that visit can be viewed at the following link provided -


Loved the shots… the poor old lady… I especially loved the one with the hand on the hull. Boating can give you such a good new perspective

Photography is great, but I have also caught the bug of writing about my adventures - I see you have too. Great blog entry. I have written about every trip I’ve done since August 2009. Some entries are long, some are just a couple of sentences (especially if I have been there many times before), but it is nice to be able to look back and see what I have done. Keep writing, keep clicking and keep posting!


Great shots… I’ve paddle past that ship many times, but never got that up close and personal! On a side note, I can’t stand what blogspot has become. Truly poor user interface.

@amf , just like you said in paddling past her so many times, except my observations were solely restricted to land. Being able to kayak up right beside the ship was not only a real treat, but also provided me with a unique experience to study & learn about the vessel up close. Great perspective from the water. Personally I’d love to see them do something with the ship, instead of scrapping it, but that’s just me.