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Live in south central pa.for now. Looking for good, quiet place to kayak. I don’t shoot over waterfalls or bounch off rocks, save that for you younger ones. Looking for smooth water.

Places to paddle

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have you looked in the Go Paddling section of this website?
Places to paddle has a good list of places to paddle in it.
Maybe not much help but it's a start.

Raystown Lake is nice
If you are looking for flat water. The Juniata River is pretty tame.


I’m not from around you so can’t make any practicle suggestions but if you go into the “go paddling” button and click on your State it shows a number of places to paddle flat water.

Happy Paddling!


paddeling pa
No I have not, thanks for suggestion

Where do you put in?

Gotta Geta Gertlers
Ed Gertler has written the Bible for PA Paddlers with “Keystone Canoeing”.

…available at Blue Mountain Outfitters in Marysville PA www.bluemountainoutfitters.net

Of the top of my head I’d suggest Codorous State Park. Long Pine Rez, or Gifford Pinchot.

too numerous to count
The Juniata can be paddled all the way down to its confluence with the Susquehana. With enough water, its various forks can also be paddled (Little Juniata, Frankstown Branch, Raystown Branch). The river is 101 miles long, so access points are numerous.

Ed Gertler’s book “Keystone Canoeing” has diagrams of canoeable streams in most of PA which show access points. Ed’s book is geared towards stream paddling, so he doesn’t focus on lakes much.

If you are close to the southern border of PA you may want to investigate the Potomac. I haven’t done it, but I have been told there are some lovely stretches on the upper Potomac across the border in Maryland.

places to kayak
susquehanna river is nice, memorial lake state park, gifford pinchot state park, conodoquinet creek is great. Check the web for pa state parks. Many have places to kayak