Kayaking Rimouski, Quebec

I’m going to be in Rimouski, Quebec for work for a couple of weeks…and I’ll be bringing my sea kayak along for after work.

If anybody can tell me about the area (conditions, sea life, etc.) it would be most appreciated.

Speaking of sea life, I did some research and found that the Great White Shark can be found in the St Laurence! Not that I want to be see one up close!

Lucky you!
You are headed to an incredible ecosystem. Be ready for whales of all kinds, and LOTS of them. Minke, Fin, Humpback, even the occasional Blue. And lots of seals, It’s basically open ocean paddling with all the expected conditions. Beautiful landscapes. I’m green with envy!

And if you’re a SCUBA diver one of the best wrecks in the world, The Empress Of Ireland, is in the neighborhood at 130 feet depth. Passenger liner with a loss of 1012 lives. Lost in the madness of WW I (not as a result of war, just during the war), so it did not get the notoriety of Titanic. Have fun, and bring a camera!

Great place!
Yep, I’ve paddled the other side of the river there, from Les Escoumins down to Tadoussac and up the Saguenay. Awesome place to paddle, especially if you like paddling with whales. We went 2 years in a row. Here’s my trip reports:



You can take the ferry across the river to paddle the other side if you get the time. Well worth it.