Kayaking Search Engine

-- Last Updated: Oct-08-09 2:25 PM EST --

The kayaking search engine is back online after a few months in hibernation.


I created the search engine 18 months ago to make the tremendous value in the archives here at pnet more accessible. Over the next couple of months I added support for additional sites. The index is updated every hour. There are currently over 125,000 forums topics indexed.

The following sites are supported:
- Paddling.net
- Chesapeake Paddler's Association
- UK Sea Kayak Guidebook
- The Kayak Forum
- West Coast Paddler


Thank you!
I for one have missed it.

Thank you!
I also have missed it. Have been having peculiar computer problems, so thought it was just me. I use your search engine all the time and want to sincerely thank you for the effort and hard work you put into it! Very glad to hear it is back!

What is the link please