Kayaking Southern IL.

I will be visiting Anna IL. very soon and would like to take my granddaughter who is 14 kayaking. She’s paddled with me only once before, here in FL. so she is new at it. Does any one have any suggestions on any rivers that would be ok for a beginner in Southern IL.? Is there anyone in the area who does shuttles? and last but not least Is there a place to rent kayaks or would it be better to bring my own? Thanks KK

You can contact Stickman who owns
the paddle shop in Carbondale or search him in the archives and e-mail him.

Here is a link to his shop:


Hello Krazy

You have hit the Pnet Lottery. I live in Anna:-)

Another Pnetter, Coyoteequip lives very close by as well as Stickman who has a paddle/gear shop in Carbondale (19 miles).

I have a couple of Pungo’s that you are welcome to use and I have access to a couple more Old town Dirigos. I would be happy to try and help you with your paddle trip.

There really are not any good rivers to paddle here. We do however have some incredibly beautiful lakes to paddle. I would be more then happy to help.

Let me know.


That sounds GREAT!
I do feel like I hit the P-net lottery. I’m very grateful for your help. I wasn’t looking forward to hauling two boats all the way up there for a day or two of paddling. (weather permitting) I have a couple of pungo’s myself,a 12’& 14’. I would paddle everyday up there but my grandaughter likes horses so we’ll be riding a day or so also. I will be coming up the middle of March so I’ll be in touch. And Thanks again!!! KK

The more I think about it, you have not met me yet so we will hold opinion on your winnings for now :slight_smile:

Again, I will be more then happy to help in any way. May even get a couple of the other local Pnetters to join in.

Let me know when you have the dates nailed down. I am getting married in the last couple weeks of March or the first of April (date is undetermined right now) and may not be available. (Going to N. Carolina to get the job done).

Send me a private email and let me know who you are related to here. It’s a small town, I probably know them.

Take care,


Sally went to (and got 2 degrees in microbiology) from the one & only, o-rigginnel SIU, now known as “SIU-C” since the advent of the newer campus up in Edwardsville (SIU-E, which I and many others chuckle at calling ‘sooey’, as there’s a LOT of hogs in IL).

I read the thread, and after seeing the origin of thje thread’s progenitor, called out to her in the kitchen “Where’s Anna?”.

“South of Carbondale…” she replied. "If you’re talking about Ellinois )that’s the way those folks pronounce that state, y’know. Also, when actually in Southern Illinois, note that New Madris is pronounced ‘New MAYdrid’, Vienna is pronounce ‘VY-yenna’, and Cairo is pronounced like the corn syrup, ‘KAY-row’.

ANd the local paper, the Southern Illinoisan? That’s the ‘Southern Illusion’, LOL!

But I digress…

Then I told her about Stickman’s shop location. “FREEMAN???!!!” she yelled. I lived right around the corner when I was there! And he’s got to be just about on top of the Rec Center.

Seven degrees of separation and all that kinda stuff just goes to demonstrate some strange coincidences and associations among us who


-Frank in Miami

When in Cdale?

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It would depend on when she went to SIU, but you might ask her if she remembers Mary Lou's and IV's (Italian Village).

Oh, and thanks for plowing our local drawl :-)

I actually don't sound like most of the monkeys that live around her. And no offense taken, you are dead on.


SHE remember it -I do too! Passing thry a number of years ago, on our way to north of Alton where her family lives, we stopped and had breakfast at Mary Lou’s -the second incarnation, I believe…

A few years later, her roommate Kathy & Kathy’s first husband (who still runs, quite successfully, the State Farm office there on the main drag between the Interstate and C-Dale) invited us to stay with them on our way through. Not only did we stop at one of the off-campus bookstores to pick up some Saluki apparel (which, as I look at the map of Stickman’s branch of the shop, seems to be within a half-block of the shop), we very purposefully had dinner at the famous (infamous?)IVs…!

And just this past December, we visited with Kathy and her second husband, had dinner at a popular local Eye-Tal-Yin place I can’t recall the name of…

But I must admit, after having seen the waters up there, Mighty Mississippi or not, I do still rather prefer the nice, usually clear, aqua and turquoise, and most definitely warmer, waters around her to


-Frank in Miami

Here is an oldie but goodie
Do either of you remember “Spud Nuts” it was a 24 hr doughnut shop located where Stickmans shop is at now.

Great place to watch the late night speed freaks.

Or how about the Quick Shop, or Merlins Or my all time favorite PK’s (Pazza King). Never knew it to serve any pizza though. You remember any of those.

However the best memorie of all . . . “Dairy Queen” where the 68 riots started.

I have to go now . . .need to find my old roach clip.


Scattered pictures like the corner of my
"Do either of you remember “Spud Nuts”

A = Oh yeah.

"Or how about the Quick Shop, or Merlins "

A = Merlins - Studio 54 of the Midwest :slight_smile: I remember that I don’t remember much :-o

“Or my all time favorite PK’s (Pizza King)”

A = PK’s is still there. It is just as nasty as ever. My local bike shop is next door and I get sick to my stomach now when i walk by and smell the aroma of regurgitated swill that I think is permeated in the floors and walls of that place.

PK’s used to scare the hell out of me when I was younger. Biker Bar back in the day.

“However the best memory of all . . . “Dairy Queen” where the 68 riots started.”

A = Still there and still seasonal, except now it is mostly homeless and mentally challenged that hang out in front. Nothing to walk by and have some guy start screaming at you.

“I have to go now . . .need to find my old roach clip.”

A = I have to go now too, but I first have to go find my reading glasses before I can go look for my clip or bong :frowning:

I went
to PK’s before it was a Biker Bar. When I was in grad school and a T.A. I held my office hours in PK while playing the “Flying Carpet” pin ball machine.

Still have my PKs mug.

If yer stay’n in Anna
y’all gots’ta pud’n down yonder at the south enda Cedar lake north of Anna off Rt. 127, across from Pamona turn-off. Just head north on Cedar and paddle up to the cliffs, beautiful lake! Devils kitchen is a sweet lake also but yer gonna be need’n some refuge stickers on any boat you use as well as yer cars. So heck, just paddle Cedar, you won’t be sorry. And y’all be welcome to visit that great little shop in C’dale… Shawnee Buttheads, er… I mean Trails.

I think y’all speak’n bout old C’Dale used to hang in the Purple Mouse Trap, food up front… head shop and wares in back. And Mr. Boyd… y’all be slam’n my drinkin hole by trash talkin’ Pukes, er… I mean P.K.'s. I told my bud Ely who manages the place for his granny what you said about the family establishment. He wants to introduce you to his Louisville Slugger.

OK here is another one
"Anteater" anyone remember him!

And if I remember rignt Stickmans first store was on the corner of Highway 13 east bound and 51 south bound (can’t remember the name of the streets) in an small old bakery.

Stickman what brands of kayaks do you carry in your store . . . I may be looking for something for my wife next spring.

Well now that I found my walker now I can go look for my roach clips.


I am kinda busy the next couple days. Just tell Ely to go next door to Phoenix Cycle and give Doug the Lousiville Slugger beating. I will stop by later this week and pick it up from Doug :-o I need to get a new set of Mtn Bike tires anyway.


I knew there was a drug problem Ice.

Drug problem??
It’s no problem!

Yo ice9…
That would be the corner of Walnut & University, and was actually my old partners first shop, Chockstone Mountaineering. Gary sold it, it went under and he came back to Carbongdale to open Shawnee Trails in the fall of '79. Believe it or not, Anteater is back! Supposedly came back to do a documentery on all the old folks who were at the front of all the social unrest back in the late 60’s, and still hanging out in C’dale and at P.K.'s. He still looks the same.

I stock C.D., Perception, Wilderness Systems, a couple of Neckys, Feathercrafts and Daggers. Canoes from Bell and Wenonah. E-mail me if you B looking for something in particular.

I though Anteater was dead. Thought he died in the mid 70"s. Never actually met him . . . just heard alot about him from a few townies I used to drink with.

About PK’s you said “Ely who manages the place for his granny” would his granny be Gwen? She ran/owned PK when I was im C’dale.

Some of use may be down in the spring to paddle the area a bit. If so we will stop in at your store . . . let’s see that the old Spud Nuts across the street from where the old Moo and Cackle was right (now that was a long time ago)

How about American Tap?
Yes, I remember Merlins and talk of IV’s has me salivating for the pasta (although I think we just called it “spaghetti” in the old days). I got a free beer for my birthday at PKs once – I think I’d already had several birthday beers before going to PKs (first and only time). Sorry to hear the Dairy Queen “scene” has changed. I always get a hankering for chocolate DQ ice cream on Thursday. Anyone out there remember American Tap (playing pinball machines) and Das Fas, singing German drinking songs … words on the paper placemats. “In heaven there is no beer, that’s why we drink it here …”

Memories …
During my brief, radicalizing (OK, I was well on the journey before then) stint at SIU in 73 and 74 I dropped into the Chockstone shop frequently and ogled the goodies. Even bought a nice down sleeping bag that fits me like a sausage casing now. I recall the enthusiastic talk about kayaking the Ste. Francis River and the effort of the shop owner to recruit me into the sport. My car less, bicycle centered lifestyle (i.e. poor student status) was not at all conducive to kayaking at the time. But I can happily report that 30+ years later I have had the opportunity to experience the Saint a few times as an open boater and can finally appreciate what the hype was about in the early days.

May I suggest this: When Lusk Creek is running, you guys (Jay, Jarvis, Rick) drop us creek bums a line and lead a trip down there.