Kayaking Suggestions in Nova Scotia

Any suggestions for sea kayaking locations in Nova Scotia for beginners (with canoeing experience).


Lower prospect
Lower Prospect, which is a bit south of Halifax. Their is an outfitter called “East coast outfitters”, I think. In any event go to Lower Prospect there is only one outfitter. There are also very nice (and few 3-4 maybe) campsites. Beautiful place.

Mahone Bay
East Coast also has an operation in Mahone Bay.

Looks awful pretty to this canoester.


Keyword "Beginner"
I paddle the Eastern and South Shores for excitement, but if you want to see wildlife and paddle in warm waters with miles of sandy beaches for landing, the Northumberland Strait area is for you.

My club is based there and we’d love to have you along for an informal outing, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/pictoucountypaddlers or contact my good bud Peter Whaley at Coastal Spirit Expeditions in River John.

Weekend of July 21-22 Peter’s hosting a popular Kite 'n Kayak Festival, our club will be there helping out and participating. http://www.kiteandkayak.ca/

My email address is pcpaddle.oar@ns.sympatico.ca if there’s anything I can do for you when you arrive.