Kayaking T-Shirts

For few days I am looking for good kayaking T-Shirts. I found some T-Shirts on Etsy…but I am not impressed. I just found this website: kayaks.world and my question is…did you buy something from them?

Nope. Overpriced ($35), features only shirts for guys, gives no info on fabric, and only color is black. Good for hanging around bars, but definitely not paddling shirts.

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What about here…


Not for me:

  • No pocket = no sale.
  • Black = mosquito magnet.

First off, there is no website called “kayaks.world”. “world” is not a TLD (top level domain) so that address is worthless. Did you make a mistake or are you trying to lead forum users into searching that combination and connecting with sketchy sites that try to entrap you into a cycle of pop ups?

If this is a legitimate question, I wonder what you are looking for. Do you seek tee shirts for actual kayaking or just ones decorated with kayak themes that you can wear to a bar?

If the former, my favorite kayaking tee shirts are made of moisture management polyester fabric, have vee necks with raglan sleeves (where the sleeve is connected to the shirt body by seams that angle from the neckline to the armpit so there are no seams to chafe under the PFD straps) and that have long sleeves that I can push up above my elbows or down to provide UV protection. Extra plus if they have a high neck and a short zip in the front, plus a small zip pocket on a sleeve or at the hem for securing my car keys. I really don’t care what color they are other than no solid black or bright yellow (attracts bugs) and there is no point in having slogans or designs on a garment that is covered by the buoyancy vest.

I get these at off price and discount stores most of the time for $10 to $20 and they are mostly from common sports makers like Nike, Reebok and RBX. Some are even cheapos I got at Aldi grocery stores with the Crane brand. I do have some shirts for cooler weather from NRS and OR and Kokatat that I paid a little more for. They are made of slightly fleece-lined or neoprene-like fabrics that keep me warmer when wet.

I like the “Better Together” ones.

Not kayak themed (mostly fish, fishing and natural sciences) but it’s hard to beat Alaskan native Ray Troll’s tee shirts for great designs. I have several, my fave is “It’s Never too late to Mutate” with Charles Darwin driving his “Evolvo” through the fossil record: