Kayaking to a 1 night camp in Texas

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Can anyone help me find somewhere that will rent me a Kayak for an overnight camp. My son is here from the UK and I would like to spend a day on the river and then camp overnight somewhere. Returning the following day.

I live in Houston, TX.

I have very limited Kayaking experience so the river would have to be pretty quiet and we would have to rent kayaks.

Thank you.

Try Southwest Paddlesports
Patti Caruthers runs a shop in the Woodlands north of Houston. Have not done business with them in lots of years, but really liked them when I lived in the Houston area.

Contact info at http://www.paddlesports.com/contact.htm

There used to be a good overnight trip starting at Luce Bayou just off Lake Houston and paddling into the lake and then up to the junction of San Jacinto and Caney Creek where there were sandbars for camping. I am sure Patti has all the latest possibilities.


Howell Canoe Livery

Columbus Texas



They rent kayaks also

Both of the above suggestions are good
Howell rents canoes and kayaks on the Colorado float. Southwest Paddlesports rents and you take where you want. The Colorado is a great river to float unless its flooding. If you go farther afield, TG Livery in San Marcos rents. They are located near the San Marcos river:


Here’s another company:
I don’t have any experience with them:


Their rates look pretty high, but you might call and see if they have a better overnight rate. There are numerous places to camp on Lake Conroe, including developed campgrounds and National Forest land. Another great option, not too far away would be village creek, near Silsbee. Check out eastex canoe: http://www.eastexcanoes.com/ or Piney Woods: http://www.canoetexas.com/Pineywoods.htm . Village creek is a beautiful river, lots of sandbars to camp on, or you can camp at Village Creek State Park. It’s a matter of personal preference, but I’d rather be on a river than a lake any day.