Kayaking Vancouver Island

My daughter and I are planning a week long stay in and around Vancouver Island BC in early August and am looking for suggestions on 2-4 day kayak trips. We are relatively new to kayaking, but are not beginners. We would need to rent gear and be part of an organized trip, but don’t want to be on a highly catered trip. Any suggestions?

What part…
…of Vancouver Island?

paddle this
do the gulf islands, there a few outfitters that will provide tours in the area. beautiful surroundings and water that is enjoyale to paddle. contact rush adventures (rushadventures@shaw.ca (250)642-2159) or Ocean River Sports.

huge array of options
VI is a big place with endless sea kayaking options. you will have to do some research and maybe get a guide book or so. Peter McGee’s (can’t recall the name) is good, and a Google search will bring up many titles. August is very busy as you can imagine, and the Gulf Islands will be full of kayakers and powerboaters. if this is ok with you, it’s still beautiful but you will need to contend with crowds. if you want to drive further up the coast you can go to the west side via Tofino or Ucluelet, or the Quadra Island area. harder to get to, still fairly busy but very very nice. also depends on what kind of challenge you want in terms of currents or seas, navigation etc. VI is quite possibly the most utilized sea kayak destination in the world, and August is the peak of the season for guide outfitters as well as recreational paddlers.

good luck and have fun.