Kayaking w Orka, Big Newf Dog

On the water with huge happy Newf!

After much research, bought the Wilderness Systems Tarpon 130T, a rotomolded tandem sit on top, the ONLY kayak we tried that will fit my 130 pound and growing Newfie.

Having a lot of fun. Newfs are water dogs, and this kayak is for his water rescue training.

Most ppl use a rowboat with raised carpeted platform but that requires a lot of storage space, a car trailer and less access to water spots.

Now we have to figure out a way to smooth over all the front half footwell bumps while providing stability and traction. He’ll be readjusting his position, turning around, walking, and jumping on and off. The kayak is stable enough for this.

That doggie PFD should make him
easy for the orcas to see, if hunger is clouding their sonar.

It might be a hassle to carve minicell foam, but that would do it. Maybe there is some sort of two-part expanding foam that would fill the gaps? I think this stuff might be brittle, though. You could also attach a thin bit of plywood, I suppose.

how to fill in crevices?
Thanks for the ideas, Mr Canoehead. Wondering if WS can use the Tarpon mold to make a perfectly fitting 1/2 kayak insert with an even smooth top.

Don’t have any carving skills but might hire somebody who does.

Plywood, maybe some type of plastic, something strong could lay over the top of the whole front 1/2 to provide a platform. Don’t know the physics of trim, gravity, etc, think having Orka sit higher up might be tippy.

Thinking I might have to remove the front seat because it makes a big bump right where he likes to sit. Will call WS with questions tomorrow.

Bought a seat for middle position, have to experiment to see if weightwise it’s better to sit in far back position or middle.

Very glad there’s one kayak out there that works with a giant breed dog!

WS – for sale, not responding
I’ve called Wilderness Systems for the last 3 days. They are not answering or responding to customer phone calls.

Called AlderCreek, store where I buy most of my kayaking stuff, and they said Confluence is for sale and is not responding much anymore. They are busy looking for a buyer.

But AlderCreek will help me figure out how to make a smoother platform, probably out of minicell foam.

I’ll post pix of the solution :slight_smile:

great dog
I have no idea, but that is a great dog. In more than one sense of the word!