kayaking with a family

My wife and I until recently owned touring kayaks. We have two kids not in school yet and want to get out on some flat water soon with them. Not sure if a canoe is our only choice. We got pretty spoiled with the speed of the kayaks but don’t know if this is appropriate for kids. I assume we would need two tandems?. Canoe sounds best huh?

We would like ot use the boat to paddle to new spots and camp or picnic. lakes, inland bays…


Get a Wenonah Spirit II in Tufweave
and carry the whole family until the kids are ready for touring kayaks. I don’t think you would need two canoes unless you got into multi-day trips.

This worked well for me at that stage …

Any open tandem will do…
…IHMO. We put our now 7yo in a WS Pamplico 14 when he was 3. It had enough room that he could paddle with both a canoe paddle, which found easier when young and later with a kayak paddle. There was also enough room he could play as well. As a matter of fact, I think there’s a runaway Matchbox car on the bottom of Lynch’s River…Oops. Anyway I think any tandem with an open cockpit will do. I choose one that was stable enough I could lean forward to help him if needed. It was also quick enough that we did several 7-10 mile paddles with groups and had no problems keeping up. I do not think my model was “the one”, just suggesting that with a couple of open tandems you could have a blast with the little ones along.