Kayaking with HEAT

I know there are some purists out there that will give me a beating for this post, but here goes

I use a fish finder and a gps on my fishing kayak. To power them i use a marine 12v battery in a sealed case. Since i live in Pittsburgh and it stays REAL COLD till around late April and I want to fish. I was thinkin about hooking up a dashboard heater that I have. It is a very small unit, 2 1/2"x 3"x 1", and draws about 110 watts. It has suction cups that I can Glue to the underside of my front deck. I think with a sprayskirt on I will be toasty warm. Has anyone ever tried this, or am I the first cold weather whimp. I am just trying to get on the water as early as possible and not freeze.

MonRiver JOE

Move south.


Kayaking with HEAT…
Here I thought this was going to be another firearm/no firearm discussion…

Am I showing my age… ala Mickey Spillane?

Gun Rack in the Back MAYBE
Believe me If I could put my gun rack on the back I would!

Motorcycle electric gear
Vest, pants, socks and gloves. Will draw less on the battery.

Why such a big heavy battery
for such little current draw as a depth finder and GPS? A much smaller rechargeable sealed deer feeder battery has ample amperage and saves considerably on weight. Now, if you are going for an HVAC system, that’s different.

I’ve wondered about using a couple of
solid-fuel handwarmers, tucking them into pockets close to your chest. Also, those lower back therma pads work much like toe and hand warmers, but are large enough to warm your whole back. As blood circulates, keeps your whole body warm.

Fun thread, though. I really like the HVAC suggestion from Kipper above. Good stuff. lol


How about a solid fuel rocket
maybe two? Have to figure out the directional stability thing and lift off from the water may be a problem. As to the heater thing, much better to wear the right clothing. Personally, I’m considering a big air conditioned pontoon houseboat with a hole in the center for summer fishing. Summer is the brutal season in the South.

Try a can of Sterno …
Somebody here did that by accident, it was not good outcome.

Single-Use Heat Packs

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I've never used them, but a number of people I know have tucked heat packs into their jacket or mittens. For fishing with gloves, I just betcha that a heat pack tucked inside the each sleeve of your jacket, in contact with your wrist, would work wonders for your hands. They also make heat packs that are shaped especially for putting inside your boots or shoes.

Heat packs are very light, fairly cheap (about a dollar per pack for the bigger ones), and won't require the use of a heavy battery.

I agree with the person above who suggested the use of a much lighter battery. I have a long-lasting re-chargable battery for one of my depth sounders for fishing which is quite compact and light (about one or two pounds), and it will run a motorized flash unit (a Vexilar) all day with no problem. A unit with a liquid-crystal display would run a lot longer than that on one of these batteries.

I don’t know
squat about the battery thing, but I can tell you that those heat packs mentioned above work great. They have them in different sizes. I buy them buy the box, since I paddle year round in the PNW. I’ve found that tucking them into the shirt under my drysuit works good and I stay warm. The ones for your feet work awesome inside your gloves (less bulky than the hand ones) and they have an adhesive backing so it stays in place on your skin.

I am thinking you will melt you kayak
Unless you have wooden kayak, I would caution against this. 110 watts is quite a bit in a confined area.

As an alternative, I would check motorcycling and snowmobiling offerings for heat vests and gloves. I outfit my canoe with electric everything and a deep cycle marine battery, it works good.

How about a propane tent heater strapped to the bow? Just thinking here, not thinking well, just thinking.

I can just see the suction cups letting loose beneath your spray skirt. 400 degree heater laying on your “special purpose”. Then melting your polypro to your… You get the idea. Bet you could learn to roll real fast then.

Finally People with some Inventive THoug

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To all who suggested the hand warmers, I actually use Therma care heat wraps for my back and have used the neck ones for REALLY WINDY days. Underneath my splah jacket it keeps my neck area nice & toasty.
Yeh 110 watts is alot in a confined space.
I did see that Sanyo put out a Nicad rechargable heater thatlasts 5-6 hours on high. Thats a thought.
The main reason I put this out there was for humor and to see just how inventive we all could get. I don't know, I guess I just love GADGETS.

Again thanks for all the input and ideas. Keepem coming.
MonRiver JOE

I did put a 10hp outboard on pontoon
The rocket boosters might work, but it would be kind of hard to fish from such a high altitude.

Believe it or not, I did stick a 10 hp outboard on an inflatable 9’ pontoon. Boy did that sucker fly. Only problem was the vibrations. But it was a blast.

Go fo it Joe
You aren’t paddlin’ for me or any else here so do what you want and be happy.

Your proposal sounds wild but if you think it will work…go for it and I wish you lots of luck and happy days on the water.

If it works post and tell us about it.

Paddlin’ on


Probably won’t work as easily
as the heat packs, but hey, go for it. There have been way dumber ideas floated around here. Like stereo speakers. Your heater, whether it ends up working or not, isn’t going to be bothering anyone else.

Get some wool long underwear. Also if you have to wet exit it can greatly increase survival odds.

I’m surprised noone has stated yet

Legend has it that years ago an eskimo paddler tried this,you know that whole northern oceans and icebergs thing it was cold out there!!!

So he decided to build a fire inside the boat to warm up. Predictably the wooden framed sealskin boat burned thru and he drowned. Leading to the ancient wisdom…You can’t have your kayak and Heat it too ;o)>

Come on I know some of you thought it too.

Personally the hand warmers work for me too.


I just usually pee in my pants for a quick warm up