Kayaking with Wild Horses at the Salt River in Arizona

A very common spot, but always amazing. This trip we saw TONS of horses, I had to make a video so that you all could see the beauty of this place. Enjoy!!



Yeah, but how do you paddle one of those things?

I’ve done this many a time.
One trip, we did the Salt by moonlight (midnight paddle) when someone called, “Horses on river right”. We looked over to watch, by the light of the Full Moon, a herd of mares and colts grazing in the river.
Then someone yelled, “STAMPEDE!” and the rest of the herd charged across from River Left to join the mares. They ran between and some jumped over our kayaks!
I just ducked and hoped that the hooves would miss my head.

And I thought I was up on all the kayaking hazards.

BTW, the Forest Service is trying to kill all the wild horses on the Salt River. They are getting a LOT of public condemnation so the plans are on hold for a bit.