kayakjourneys trip from Texas to Maine

I starting this thread because the old one in the Trips section has gone stale—about 11 months ago kayakjourneys started a thread in support of his and SOs paddle from Texas to Calais Maine—they even had their own website where, for a while anyway, they posted notes about their progress. The trip started in late November and the last note was posted March 14 07. Apparently, then they were someplace in Florida. Since then various members including me, have attempted to contact kayakjourneys to find out what happened, how far they got,did they finish? If so when and if not, why? Not really fair to get people interested in your trip then leave them dangling—we would really like to know what happened.

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Were they wearing PFDs???

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and was that an ACA sponsored trip?

Don't really care.

KJ may be in his own world some where. I believe that he will return when he is ready. Many thought it was great when he decided and comitted to the journey even though some wanted him to fail. Regardless his attempt was personal even though he shared it with the public but that doesn't give us the right to pry into his personal life when he choses not to be public. Enjoy what he did or better yet take on the challenge and show us what you can do. Mine is there. If I had the money I'd be out there paddling it.

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KJ and anybody else is free to answer my query or not, depending on how they feel---but when somebody solicits donations of equipment, publizes his attempt by establishing a website concerning the trip and then just leaves everything high and dry(pun intended) anybody else who knows about it has the right to ask---I'm always amused by paddlers who start websites and solicit donations for a long ardous trip and then don't complete more than a fraction of it---it really doesn't reflect well on the paddling community as a whole. And I've seen it happen more than once. I can understand his embarrasment in not completing the trip, particularly after he was so public about announcing it. My own feeling is that proceeding in this manner is a form of self aggrandizment, kind of like bragging how many miles you can paddle in a day---but in the end if you make it public knowledge in an attempt to get money, equipment etc, then the public has the right to know the result. and BTW it may well be the KJ had a very good reason to quit, assuming that's what happened---illness, family emergancy etc. I would love to try a long trip---so far longest kayaking trip for me has been 100 miles---but having a job and a family prevents me from doing that---If I ever do, I don't think I would start a website, solicite donations etc---becomes too much pressure to actually complete it---and really the longest I would attempt would be paddling the entire length of the Maine Island Trail--about 345 miles-the idea of traveling the entire length of the east coast of the USA leaves me cold---much of it is highly developed, either with industy, commercial development, or residential---why bother, other than to say "I did it"? PS--if I ever do attempt a long journey, I wouldn't post about it until after I completed the trip--and having a personal website telling people what I great kayaker I am is not something that appeals to me---when others do it, unless they are Chris Duff, Nigel Dennis, Derek Hutchinson or somebody like that who have really done something impressive, they tend to look foolish. As a former navy seal GK I'm sure youre familar with the phrase "Actis non verba"---latin for "Deeds not words" To put it more simply, it's not what you say that counts, it's what you do.

and so with your last comment

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we agree

These are nothing but words. I agree with you 100%. Don't tell me what you can do, show me.

In May 2008 I am going to attempt to paddle 700 miles from Rome, Georgia to the Gulf of Mexico down the Coosa, Alabama, Mobile and Tensaw Rivers.

I would like a new pick up truck, kayak, paddle, PFD, clothing, food, equipment and money (none of this is tax deductible unless someone can find a loop hole) for this estimated 40 day trip. I'll have a blog done and I'm sure the media will follow the trip. This will be the longest state water trail in the United States.

"Proving that rivers are a great source for recreation"

equipment requirements

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I can understand the boat, paddle etc(although I don't know why you want someone to donate a PFD since you never wear one) but why a new pickup truck? I mean I would like a 21 year old girlfriend named Lola but that doesn't really have anything to do with paddling(at my age though I would probably be happier with a pickup truck)---Also I'm reasonably sure that barring a heartattack you will finish the trip. I don't believe those rivers have a large amount of serious (Class 4 and 5) white water and you are giving yourself enough time to complete it(average 17.5 miles a day---a resonable amount assuming you are paddling downstream) BTW you might want to consult with an accountant if you are serious about this. There may be ways to make it tax deductible, like using it as fund raiser, to promote awareness of any variety of causes from AIDS to river pollution. You could raise the money, take enough to support you, equip you etc, and then donate the rest to your favorite cause. Think about it.

Raising money
In 2005 I made a 512 mile 30 day kayak trip and raised money and awareness for the Georgia Diabetic Research Foundation. I don’t have diabetes nor does any family member. Ithoughtit was a good gesture and didn’t need any other reason for doing so.

It was a great trip and GDRF benefitted.

As far as the pick-up truck and the 21 year old blond. At my age, I’ll take the pick-up. I can haul kayaks in the truck and my blond 31 year old Daughter and blond 16 month old blond Granddaughter.

Maybe you don’t know it but this is the last 700 miles of my 2006 851 mile 49 day trip.

There is nothing tough about this trip and I would bet that given the time and money and them having the time and availability I could take 95% of the p.netters on this trip.

Next week I will lead a group of approximately 35 down the Apalachicola River in Florida. One paddle stroke at a time. It doesn’t take asuperhuman to do trips like this, it just takes determination. My trips get a lot of publicity because I can get it and this is a sport. I’m just lucky and have the time to do them. My admiration is for most of the readers, who have jobs, families and responsibilities. A single mom raising a child or two has a greater challenge and tougher days than any day I’ve ever had on the river or a kayak trip.