kayakpro ez vee rack fitting

just bought the kayak pro ez vee rack …the brackett used to attach the bar to my thule does not fit …as the brackett is made for the square thule bar …but i have the oval aero bar …any suggestions on how to fix the bar to my aero bars …much appreciated stan

U bolts NM

Custom adapters
I adapted my EZ-Vee to fit to the oval factory bars on my Mini Cooper. I used rectangular aluminum tubes that are just slightly bigger on the inside than the bars themselves. The EZ-Vee base is attached with longer screws into holes threaded into the tubes. You have to be able to disassemble the bars to slide the tubes in place. The tubes I used are 3" by 2" with 1/4" thick walls - I wouldn’t use anything thinner than 1/4". I added thumb screws to anchor the tubes on the bars. Materials came from McMaster-Carr online, cost around $30.

Some detail photos here:


Not the easiest way, but looks good and is strong. U-bolts would work also - have you looked to see if Thule makes an adapter?