Kayakpro Jet

Can any tell me about Kayakpro`s Jet I have tried to find out info about it and have talked to a sales rep But wondered if anyone has one

Would it be in the sea kayak class in races??

Is as fast as they say

Also the Westside EFT boat any have one

I was thinking of buying one just need some more reseach first

looks like a nelo razor
but less expensive. give them a call- gray is a really good guy and a world class racer. i have a friend who uses a razor and likes it a lot- it’s sort of like a k1 that can handle some waves. maybe he’ll chime in here. it does fit in the kayak class.


looks like the razor 2
Andrew is right. I’m pretty sure that kayakPro just names the boat a different name than the parent company Nelo. It looks like the same boat. I did a pretty extensive review in the product reviews here on paddling.net (Nelo Razor). I use it as a winter boat and at races where a surfski is not a class. It is an amazing boat and Grayson is really great to deal with, down in Pelham. It does not like rough water, but it is a fun challenge to paddle it in rough water. I put a small skeg on mine and it improved the tracking in waves greatly. It comes with a nice option of an overstern rudder which would make it great for lakes and rivers.

you can email me if you have any questions.


looks like…
a Marsport Hobby also.


A Jet did really well
in the Run of the Charles Race in Boston last month. Gray(son) Bourne was there–he is the designer, and also designed and sells the Kayakpro exercise machine and roof cradles. As Mark said, he’s a really good guy. Call him up and ask about it.

I didn’t get to paddle the Jet. I don’t think his boats are copies of NELO boats (I could be wrong, but that wasn’t the impression I had talking wtih him) though he is the U.S. Nelo distributor. I did get to look at his boats–the finish was absolutely flawless.


copy or not?
they do list the boats as 17-1 and 17-4"(Jet), but they are both 5.2 metres long, so not sure what to say there. they do look similar, but they are probably manufactured in different places. It is possible to use a mold and pay some kind of royalty fee. I have no info as to whether they are copies are not. The razor is a fast boat and if the Jet is at all similar, then it will be a winner in the touring class. The Hobby is also very close in design.

KayakPro Jet
Hi All, Gray here…

The Jet is not the same as the Razor, although stil complies with touring boat (Or cheater boat as some will have you beleive :slight_smile: Only kidding) criteria. the front being just slightly wider, making it more stable. We think the Jet tracks slightly better and certanly has less yaw. There is an increase in straight-line speed also.

We have introduced a pre-rudder skeg also to help with tracking.

The stability is slightly better and comes with low-seat high seat options.

Hope this helps…

Kayak Pro Jet
The Jet and Razor are different boats but they have the same hull. The Razor is not as at home in true sea conditions. The Jet is really a sea kayak. The Razor is far faster better straight line speed, but more at home on flatter water. The Jet was originally designed for use in Scandanavia on the Fjords, where larger rollling waves are the norm. The Jet is in it’s element with these types of semi-sheltered waves.

The glide on the Jet is also better than the Razor. It has better tracking due to its pre-rudder skeg.

Ben Lawry won BOTH the Touring boat class and the K1 class in the Clinton and the Run of the Charles this year paddling the Jet.

I have a Jet in CT if you’d like to paddle it.

Hi Sanjay, if you are out there, can you send me your email address off line? you can find me at kayakpro.com

Many thanks Gray

Kayakpro Jet
I have paddled and raced both the Razor and Jet. While they appear to be the same, simple measurments and observation reveals that the jet is slightly fuller forward than the Razor and has two, every so slight, flat areas on the lower portion of the chine approx. at the seat.

I think that if I had moved my seat slightly back in the Razor that it would have handled waves better whereas the Jet seems very comfortable with all/most conditions. The Razor is slightly more pinched just ahead of the cockpit allowing a more vertical stroke than the Jet.

A major difference for me is the ability to very easily adjust the footbrace, seat and pull-bar - a task not easily done on many other kayaks. Also, the Jet is finished inside the hull, not just on the outside.

Questions of speed: Is the Razor faster? It could be depending upon conditions, paddler, at what specific speed for how long, etc. I have problems when a kayak’s speed is discussed or compared. The question must be asked; “compared to what?”. Was it measured in the perfect conditions of a tow-tank or on the water by boaters? It is difficult for the same paddler to quantify speed differences between one craft and another - there are simply too many variables to take into account. For me, the Jet feels much more comfortable and fits ME better. And, if one kayak is faster than another under the same conditions, how much faster? 1%? 10%? 20%? At what point, or percent improvement, will the change be noticed? And, is the improvement so great that no amount of training will ameloriate it?

To adapt part of the title of a now famous book, “It’s Not Always About the Boat”. In other words, if you feel comfortable and secure in your boat you will perform as well as possible and training may be the greatest speed limiting variable.

Bottom line: they are both good in many respects, however, you must determine which works best for you.