KayakPro SpeedStroke Kayak Trainer

Reading all the positive product reviews on p.net, I’m seriously thinking about spending the big $$$ to buy a SpeedStroke so that I can continue my kayak training this year.

The only think I feel uneasy with is spending over $2000 on an online purchase!

From my search I found 2 sources online:

  1. KayakPro.com
  2. a power seller on ebay:


    The ebay seller list a wood veneer seat. I think, KayakPro listed the wood seat as an option for an extra $165 versus the standard fiberglass seat.

    I) Could someone owning a SpeedStroke (or similar kayak trainer) PLEASE comment on the seat options and their quality.

    II) Any comments whome to trust and to buy from?

    THANK YOU for any help!!!

If the issue is trust
the answer is obvious. Buy direct from kayak pro. Buying on ebay is always a risk. There are ways you can minimize your risk, by using paypal for example, but never kid yourself into thinking ebay will help you recover if you are defrauded or even if you are simply less than fully satisfied with the purchase. Their fraud reporting and dispute resolution procedures are a joke, and it is fairly easy for dishonest sellers to manipulate their ratings. Before people start jumping in about all the positive experiences they’ve had on ebay–that’s really irrelevant. Ebay is more risky than buying directly from a manufacturer.

Personally, I’d get in touch with KayakPro directly. Grayson, who owns the company, is great to deal with and a wealth of info. I bought one very expensive boat and V-racks from him without problems. Just email him at the sales info on the KayakPro website. Oh, how I would love to add a speedstroke to my KayakPro inventory!

Concept II Rower

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You might also consider the wonderful Concept II rower. Not a kayak specfic machine, but a wonderful Vermont made product with many P-netters excited about it. The aerobic workout is very intene. And a less than 1/2 the price of the Kayakpro, it should be on your consideration list. See comments in link above. I just startd using mine this past wek in prep for an upcoming paddle.
Whatever you choose, enjoy!

why not buy direct
As said above, Gray is great to deal with, and will work with you after you get your toy. Why not give the profits to the developer of the equipment, not an ebay middleman? And he is a p-net supporter, to boot.

I actually just recently aquired a used one off Ebay, no problems at all with payment, shipping, etc. It got a small dent in transit but nothing major. Unfortunately they very, very infrequently are available used.

The fiberglass seat is perfectly fine- comfortable enough. Wood would be esthetically more pleasing, but not enough that I would pay for it. The overall build quality seems excellent. My only complaint would be with the computer- it uses a motorcycle computer of some type, which doesn’t provide you with nearly the type of sport-specific information that the Concept 2 monitors do. Reportedly there is a “Speedstroke Gym” that has a different computer, but it is much more expensive. You can hook the regular Speedstroke up to a computer, but Gray wants an obscene amount of money for the software- $350. I’m sure it is very nice, but I can make do with the computer and a HRM.

As far as paddling goes, it feels exactly like paddling on the water, honestly. I’m not quite sure that it works you quite as hard as the Concept 2 does (I have both), but it is definitely more sport specific. If you have access to a C2 at a gym, I think the combination of the 2 machines would be fantastic- total body workout.



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In the the 73 reply CII link that I provided above, there is an option for kayaking specific mod for the CII; here is the link:

I stand by my CII, just as tcvride, santacruzmidwife, and alfope suggsted to me in November 2005 (on link in my prior post on this thread). It is such an incredible machine.

As a rehabilation expert, I can tell you that the CII is training muscles specific for kayaking, and frankly, I think the variable resistence and strong use of the serratus anterior, lat dorsi and posterior delts given by the CII will make anyone a much stronger paddler. A Kayakpro, and I have never tried one, although kayaking specific, I think will not provide the workout intensity as the CII.

I even bought, and you might be interested in this alfope, the training DVDs for the CII from a German athlete on eBay. I forget his name, but anyhow, 7 DVDs with ab workouts, arm workouts, etc all done on the CII. Amazing gym quality machine right in my home. The DVDs are motivating (but not mandatory, as you know)

Wait wait, Xeno Muller. Ebay search "concept xeno" and you'll see his discs.

I have studied the Concept II website, and seen it compared to the Kayakpro device's website and info, and frankly, I cannot see why the Kayakpro is worth $2000, the wooden seat at $165 or the computer program for $350. The Kayakpro looks like the original model Concept II from 25 years ago. Really, the CII is a top of the line machine with a proven track record and resale, national competitions, used by Olympians in all sprts, and 24/7 gyms, and is $850 including everything you need to get going, including the computer program. Hard to beat.


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you're preaching to the choir. The C2 is a great machine and I think I've gotten a lot of benefit from it. But, it's simply not as sport specific as the Speedstroke. I think the C2 is a superior cardiac machine, since you get your big leg muscles much more involved. There's also no question that the C2 is the best exercise bargain out there, dollar for dollar. There's obviously an economy of scale going on here- far more C2's are sold than are Speedstrokes. I wouldn't compare the Speedstroke to the Model A, however- it's a very high quality machine, with a massive flywheel and very cool cogs and pulleys which do a brilliant job of allowing you to use an entirely unhindered wing stroke.

Andrew (which you should feel absolutely free to refer to me as- I'm not really into the internet pseudonym thing).

for all your valuable input on the kayak trainer!!! All your comments were very logical to me and I consider them all valuable.

I guess, driven by the idea, that I should shop around for an item in that price range, I was ignoring some important aspects … I’m glad, I made this post.

I) I aggree, buying directly from KayakPro makes most sense! I will still try to get a quote from my local dealer, that does not carry any kayak products, but he is a very flexible and good guy, who sold me a ton of other fittness equipment.

II) The concept seems to be a good alternative, but I already have a rowing machine (I opted for the Ergocoach from Kettler since I was somewhat fanatic to keep all my cardio machines quiet and magnetic. After the fact, I tried a water rower, and liked the feel of that machine much better). In my personal order: my bike, treadmill, rower, and elliptical, all give me a nice variety of cardio workout while watching TV but I was always regretting all of them involve heavy leg work.

III) This year, I finally bought my first fast boat (Epic V10 SurfSki), GPS, and wing paddle. I paddle about 50 miles per week for fun and training and I just managed to average above 7mph over 5 miles. Each day, the day light is getting shorter and it is also getting colder … Since I got so addicted to kayaking now, I PANIC, when I invision my boat is gonna stay in the shop for the winter season. For that purpose, I want a home trainer that is the BEST in simulating the feeling of paddling my real boat and allows me to keep the training for body and hip rotation up. I think, your comments aggree, the SpeedStroke is my best choice for that purpose.

Again, THANK YOU for all your help and comments!!!

Thanks, Andrew.

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I respct your opinion, as you own both. Thanks for steering me right on the CII to begin with.

Have a good one and we have all helped original poster

CD1 (which you should feel absolutely free to refer to me as- I'm really into the internet pseudonym thing)

has anyone tried the kayak
modification for the concept2? i love mine and have no need (or room:), to purchase another machine. i love the workout on the indoor rower, and am partial to the idea of cross training (i also run a bit~ but only a bit!), but i might enjoy a kayak adaptation for when i cannot get out on the water.