KayakPro Speedstroke, Worth it?

For those that own the KayakPro Speedstroke, is it worth the cost? At nearly $1500, with shipping, it is pretty expensive. Specifically:

Is it well constructed? Does it wobble with use? Looks a bit flimsy, but could just be the pictures.

Any problems with breakage, warranty issues? If so, was the company responsive?

Is it only sold online? I couldn’t find any dealers where I might see it in person.

Bottomline: was it worth the price?

Are there any alternative Kayak training machines that people have used?

Appreciate any feedback.

If your a serious paddler, it is worth the investment. it is very stable and solidly built. Greyson is a first class retailer. He has trendous knowledge of the sport and machine. My friind had a problem with his and Greyson shipped him a new one right away. For me training this time of year is very difficult short daylight, rotten weather. Now I can go home take my time and strech properly and turn on the tunes and train effectively. Check out my review here. This is all real data.Having paddled in every crummy condition going. This is one awesome machine. Contact me anytime for info

Dan Murn

Very Pleased
It is a great option if you are unable to go for a paddle due to cold weather or time-constrained. During the last hurrican-season, I did many hours on mine due to bad weather conditions.

Gray Bourne is a great guy, and when I had a problem with one of the rolers, he personaly brought it to me.

Remember the machine is great for training not for pleasure…



Pleased also,
not only with the machine but with Grey. You can definitely get a workout on the machine and the stroke is as similar to actually being on the water as anything out there. Grey stands behind his products.

I refer to it as my “torture rack”, it will give you a torturing workout!


well made
i have the kayakpro ergometer and am pleased with it. Ocassionaly if stroke is not done right rope comes of pulley. construction is good and solid. I think paddling boat is better because it is like an indoor bike were you stair at the wall and it can get boring. I use it when my creek freezes over and can’t get to water. I would not use it as a substitute for paddling but when paddling is not possible it keeps me sane?

ordered one also
It might be a month wait to get it. If I were handy would try to copy something from his design at website with an old exercise bike with pullies hooked to it. People often throw away exercise machines so for much less $ you might make something. I worked lots of OT so am buying it because I really liked dan murns. However a used concept one row machine with a 3ft shaft in your hand might be much cheaper. Check if any gyms have the kayak pro.